Sneak peek

Hey its been a while sinc e i posted something and that comic im working on that i promised isn't going to good. Sooooooo Heres a sneak peek of "Konkerou The Golden Wolf."

3 weeks later after Konkerou left;

*Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock* Was the only sounds that echoed through the Higurashi house hold after Konkerou left. Kagome usually sat in the window- sill and stared out the window waiting for Konkerou to come back. Today was no different she sat there motionless for hours peering out the window through driving rain and wind. There was a knock on the front door and Aviar ran in wings fluttering as drops of water fly every were. Kogome sat motionless as he ran in.

"Hey Aviar." Hiro greeted Aviar.
"Hey Hiro." Aviar anwsered back,"Hey Kagome."

Kagome sat silently and kept staring.
"It's been 3 weeks now Kagome. He's not comming back." Aviar said grimmly as he firmly placed a hand on her shoulder.

"No! He's comming back I know it!" Kagome snapped pulling away from Aviar.

"Kagome listen if he was comming back he'd be back already. Hell if he wanted to be here at all he would'nt of ran away." Hiro said shaking Kagome's shoulders.
"Y-your right..." Kagome sighed and slumped down into the window sill. "I just wish that-"
The front door burst open and a tall stalky figure stepped in, wearing a water soaked gray hoodie, and soaked black jeans. He slowly unzipped his hoodie and flipped back his hood.
"KONKEROU!" Kagome yelled and hugged him tight.
"I guess I was missed." Konkerou said hugging her back with a smile. Kagome looked up at him.
"What happened to you?" Kagome asked looking at his now short brown hair and golden wolf ears, and golden tail.
"Its a long story." Konkerou replied.
"You get taller?" Aviar asked looking up at him.
"Of coarse, my dad was at least seven and a half ft tall. I'm his succesor and a demon so i might be taller and stronger than he was." Konkerou replied,"Oh and the Izka clan mark has changed as well." Konkerou lifted up the sleeve of his right arm and the mark looked tattered and stripped running down the length of his arm.
"I'm gonna go tell Kira your back." Aviar said excitedly and fluttered away.
"I'm gonna go to bed and leave you two to catch up." Hiro snickered and walked up stairs and went into Konkerous room were he has spent the three weeks Konkerou was gone.
"Uh...I guess its just us now." Konkerou said.
"Yah... You must be starving I'll get you something to eat you just sit down." Kagome said and hurried into the kitchen.

Kagome came back later with bowls, cups, and plates in her arms, but Konkerou was currled up sleeping. Kagome sighed and understood that he would be tiered after a three week trek through the forest. She set the food down on the coffee table and layed a blanket over Konkerou. She turned to leave but saw him shiver so she lifted up the blanket and curled up with him and they slept for the rest of the night together.

I could go longer but your gonna have to wait until the comic comes out. Please leave a comment if you wish. I'll try to post the comic soon but i have never been to good with dead lines.