Konkerou: The golden wolf chapter one finally; The carnival, a battle of epic porportions

Konkerou layed in his bed, his brown pointed ears twitched, his long golden hair fell of the side of the bed, his long, brown bushy tail lightly brushed against the bed like a metranome, his bare chest moved up and down slowly, the door of his room creaked open, the intruder creapt up beside him, her long black hair hung low.
"Konkerou!" She shouted, Konkerou's red eyes shot open he flung up franticly flinging the sheets off him. He panted heavily his tough hanging out like a dog's.
"Why'd yah do that Kagome!" Konkerou panted staring angrily at the beutiful 15 year old girl.
"I got news thats why."Kagome said excitedly handing him a piece of paper. Konkerou grabbed the piece of paper and studied it, it read:

Summer carnival

Free admission, food, snacks, and rides! Live entertainment.
Hoasted in mid town Japan 10:30am to 5:00am. Donated from an anonomose source All welcome.

"A carnaval, whats that?" Kokerou asked cocking his head ears twitching.
"It's basicly a big feastaval with lots of fun games and rides and attractions."Kagome explained.
"Sounds fun." Konkerou yawned.
"Guys!" A tall Fox demon with a pointed snout and fierce eyes looked at them shouted, demon down town and it's a big one!"
"Lets go!" Konkerou grinned, strapping on his silver kimono.
They rode out on Kagomes bike Konkerou running by them and Hiro floating on a little cloud.

"Hey i'm Konkerou Izka and well I'm just your average wolf demon blessed with the mark of the Izka clan, but cursed by the hand of the oranhowjou and evil curse that causes me extreme pain and suffering. I was mysteriously brought to modern day Japan 400 years in the future! Here I meet Kagome Higurashi, a sweet girl that well I know now why Inuyasha liked her! I also meet Hiro a spirited fox demon whos magic, and wits guide us through some tough times. I also got to reunite with my best friend Aviar a quick witted, but a little cocky hawk demon that was a child hood friend of mine. Also I meet his girl friend Kira, a sweet girl, a sorcerous nekko who's heart is always in the right place together we defend Tokyo from giant demons who treaten to kill us all! Theres anouther down side to the curse... Every full moon I become a destructive beast named Toshima after the first first day I became him and attacked Kagome! I vowed never to let anything happen to her again no matter what happens to me! Together were a pack who's bravery and courage protects all of Tokyo, and you thought your job was hard.I'd explain more but theres a roach man that needs squashing!

*Rattle,Rattle!* the roaches shell rattled and quacked.

"Whatch out!" Konkerou yelled, pulling Kagome and Hiro out of the way before a lardge blackish brown ball shot out from the roaches mouth as it smashed through a concrete wall and sat there like a rock.
"Damn!" Konkerou groweled looking up and over the stack of cement bags, "We have to find a way to jam the shell so it won't rattle."
"And, so it's under side is open." Hiro added.
SCREEECH! Aviar cawed before landing by them Kira in his arms.
"Took you long enough."Konkerou muttered.
"Hello to you to."Aviar remarked sarcasticly. Anoughter ball slammed against the bags before ricoshaying off.
"Whats with him?" Aviar said peering over the sacks.
"Same old, same old, demon thats trying to destroy the town, nothing big." Konkerou replied.
"Well whats the plan?" Kira asked.
"we need to jam it's shell so it stopps shotting thoose over grown musket balls at us." Konkerou breethed holding off yet anouther blast.
"Leave it to us!" Kira said grabbing Kagome's hand.
"Us?" Kagome asked before being pulled out into the open field. The beetle shot anouther blast seendind a lardge cloud of of dust and wind onto the field Kagome had to push her skirt down to keep it from flying up, and Kira's staff from flying out of her hands.
"Know what do we do?" Kagome asked harshly.
"Rocks." Kira awnsered briefly picking up a stone.
"Rocks?" Kagome asked, "What are rocks going to do?"
"You throw 'em I go behing it and jam the shell open with my staff." Kira explained before running off.
"Ohhhhh, why me?" Kagome complained, she picked up a stone and chucked it at the roach.
It hissed and turned Kagome's hair stood on end and she chucked stones faster but more slopply than accurate. The beast started to rattle again Kira crept behind it and jammed the rock of steel and concrete into it's shell it stopped, but not for long the stone started to crack! Kira grabbed more and jammed them into the shell it held! Konkerou jumpped over the stack and Aviar followed, Aviar stuck his talons underneath the shell and forcefully pulled away the shell feveling and a squishy yellow oozing body, Konkerou flipped his giant sword and gabbed it into the body he tore his sword up and sliced it in half it fell with a thud. Kagome shivered at the disgusting narled body and the thick yellow ooze coming out the sides.
"Kagome are you ok? You look ill." Konkerou said sympatheticly putting a hand on her shoulder.
"No i'm fine it's just..." She tralled off and turned away from the coarpse.
"Ohhhh, I get it, it's a little... extreme for you." Konkerou tried to put in a way that wouldn't get her angry.
"Yah." Kagome confessed after a little bit.
Kira aimed her staff and sent a ball of fire on the coarpse. It shriveled up into a bal and went to ash a lingering smell hung in the air.
"Hey Aviar what time is it?" Konkerou asked. Aviar looked at his watch.
"10 o'clock." Aviar said, "why?"
"Hey Kagome the carnaval is starting soon wanna go?" Konkerou asked.
"Sure I guess, we already did our job so why not?" Kagome said cheerfully, "You guys wana come to?"
"I guess Kira?" Aviar asked
"Sure sounds fun!"
"Well what are we waiting for lets go!" Konkerou said giving a grin with a fang sticking out.

They arrived a little after 10:30 It was huge! The ferius wheel was there rides of all kinds, the smell of carni food was every were.
"Wow." Konkerou awed at the lights and smells of everything. They walked in They seperated into groups Hiro used his magic to apper normal and went alone, Kira and Aviar went together, and Kagome and Konkerou paired up. Hours past and they were all having fun Kagome and Konkerou were at the photo booth, they made funny faces the forth shot Konkerou licked Kagome's cheek, she stared at him, and eventually they broke out laughing, the all meet up at center stage were the entertainment was starting a man in a hoodie walked up to the stage.
"Every one having a good time?" He shouted into the mic, the audience shouted and cheered.
"Good... know we need some volenters on stage how about you 5 the two ladies and the gentle men!" He pointed in the croud and the light from the stand pointed on Konkerou, Kagome, and the others, they walked up to the stage.
"Kagome I have a bad feeling about this." Konkerou whispered in Kagome's ear.
"Stop being paranoid, relax." Kagome told him. They walked center stage in front of the hooded spokes men.
"Now, they already know me, and the powers I have so all of you mortals go or you'll die!" The hooded man shouted pulling off his hoodie and revealing a long dark cloak, and a scyth. Lardge demons appered by him. The crowd screamed and ran. Konkerou, and the gang got battle ready they packed there things just in case.
"Reaper! What the hell do you want from us now!" Konkerou barked.
"It's the perfect time to cheak your will." Reaper grinned, "Grunts attack!"
The lumbering beasts attacked them strat on Konkerou wwent up and slashed, it didn't cut, the beast swatted him like a bug, Kagome ttok her bow and lauched a sacred arrow it hit it it went in but it didn't die, It roared and charged. Aviar and Kira had difficulties of there own, Aviars strongest move didn't even phase it, it just roared and charged, Kira's Solar flares only scarred the armor but it did't kill it. They charged head on them head on Konkerou flipped in the air and fell to the ground, Aviar was smacked into a wall Kira was pinned between a flipped over stand and the lumbering beast ahead of her.
Kagome was panicing nothing seemed to work then she saw something a loose plate it was charred ond only slightly out, she picked up her bow and steadied her self she shot her arrow at the loose spot it chipped off and the beast fell to pieces.
"YAH!" Kagome shouted in happiness
"Kira! Aviar! Theres a loose part on the beasts suit fing it and get rid of it the beast will fall apart. Kira found the plate and shot a quick mud shot and the beast fell apart.
Reaper laughed and laughed and the two piles of rubble quivered, they slammed together and swirled around a giant beast formed.
"What!?" Kagome shouted while she was helping Konkerou up from the rubble.
"Damn I... I don't have much strangth left" Konkerou groweled," Wait there on it's head if, if I could just get up there and pull it out I'd fall apart."
"We'll try and hold it off just be careful." Kagome pleaded.
"Konkerou snuck around the the battle field as the others fought he slowly climmed up it's leg and up it's side it flung boulders and spat fire at the group, Konkerou made it to the head he yanked as hard as he could but it didn't budge.
"It's not working!" He cried yanking harder.
"Konkerou please you have to try your our only hope." Kagome pleaded.
"I can't I... I just can't!" Konkerou yelled.
"Please, I bevelive in you Konkerou." Kagome whispered. That set off a spark in Konkerou's head he groweled and grunted his muscles tensed he ripped out the plate and snapped it in half and threw it into a fountain, it disintigrated as soon as it hit water.
"Yah!" Konkerou howeled as he jumped off the beast in time before it hit the ground.
"Konkerou you did it!" Kagome yelled and hugged Konkerou.
"Hahahaha hahaha mwahahahaha!" Reaper laughed.
"What are you laughing at all your croanies are gone!" Kagome yelled.
"You think that I can't kill myself?" "I'll destroy you all!" Reaper yelled and ripped off his cloak, he had giant black wings short spicky Dark blue hair lardge muscular arms, and long muscular legs hidden behind black skinny jeans he hade tough long sleeved armour on his pale gray eyes shone dimly. He flashed up to them and hit Konkerou into the giant circus tent up against the center pole. Reaper flashed up to him and picked him up by the throat.
"You think you can beat me?" Reaper yelled.
"Your just a poser my friends and I will destroy you!" Konkerou coughed.
"Your not whorthy to live!" Reaper shouted, he thrusted his arm into Konkerous chest and punched a hole right through him.
"You.... bastard." Konkerou breathed, just then the tear int the tent reaveled the full moon hidden behind a fog bank the clouds parted.
Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump! Konkerous body pulsed and flung back reaper.
Toshima looked different he was on all fours pure black a blood red patch of fur on his chest, a lardge red line went from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. The same piercing yellow eyes looked strait through reaper.
It stood up it grabbed reaper and slammed him to the groung he picked him up and slashed his chest, he picked him up again and slammed reaper to the pole before Toshima could finish reaper of he trans ported himself away, Toshima howeled at the sky.
"K, Konkerou?" Kagome stuttered. He turned and looked at the four individuals huddled up.
"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! " Toshima roared and charged he went up to Aviar and did an X- slash cutting his wings and kicking him down, He picked up Kira ang flung her to the stack of barrels, Hiro chrged but Toshima grabbed him ang threw him into the pole, He stood up to Kagome only a few feet away, he stared at her.
"Konkerou please, it's me Kagome." Kagome pleaded to the 7 foot beast, Tohima stopped and looked at her Kagome got through to him, Toshima quickly slashed Kagome's chest leaving 4 claw marks on her chest, Kagome was unconcious, Toshima lifted his claw and before he could finish Kagome off Aviar slashed the back of Toshima's head and he fell to his side.
"Sorry... old friend." Aviar said holding his arm as he looked at the falled wolf who turned back to normal size and shape in tattered black jeans and torn shirt and hoodie.

Konkerou woke up and sat up strait on his bed his chest was bandeged up, he limped down stairs Aviar's wing were bandeged up Hiro had cuts on his arms but was awake trying to snap his houlders Back in place, and Aviar comforted the shaken up Kira, sitting close by her, and holding her close. Konkerou limped down the stairs and walked up to them.
"No I, I can't belive I did this." Konkerou said looking at his wounded friends.
"Well, It's not entirly your fault, you know you change when it's a full moon." Aviar replied.
"Wait, were's, were's Kagome?" Konkerou said looking around.
"She's in her room, her mom's bandeging her up, she's ok and won't have any scars but she's still asleep."Hiro said crossly, Konkerou panicked and rushed up stairs.
"Kagome!" Konkerou yelled she was sleeping in her bed in her night gown a strip of gauze hung from her shoulder.
"Shhhh!""She's still asleep." Kagome's mom whispered.
"Let me see her." Konkerou said rushing to Kagome's side, he held her hand and looked at her.
"It's all my fault." Konkerou sobbed softly his head hanging low, "No matter what I do I hurt the one's I love." A tear roalled down his cheak.
"Now, now, It's not entirly your fault, your friends explained it all and about your condition." "You can't control yourself, it's a disease that you can't control." Kagome's mom tried to comfort him out of her motherly instinct.
"It's all my fault, I... I loved her and I do this to her."" What kind of friend am I?" Konkerou cried softly.
"Come o your still hurt just get some rest she'll be fine." Kagome's mom told him. Konkerou limped to his room and layed down.

That night Konkerou packed his things and walked down the hall. He opened Kagome's door he placed a note on her desk and walked over to Kagome. He kissed her on the cheak and placed the photo roll in her hand. He ran out the door and into the forest he ran through brambles and thorn covered bushes until he reached a clearing he slunk to a tree and barried his head into his knees and cried.

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