Sneak peek

Hey its been a while sinc e i posted something and that comic im working on that i promised isn't going to good. Sooooooo Heres a sneak peek of "Konkerou The Golden Wolf."

3 weeks later after Konkerou left;

*Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock* Was the only sounds that echoed through the Higurashi house hold after Konkerou left. Kagome usually sat in the window- sill and stared out the window waiting for Konkerou to come back. Today was no different she sat there motionless for hours peering out the window through driving rain and wind. There was a knock on the front door and Aviar ran in wings fluttering as drops of water fly every were. Kogome sat motionless as he ran in.

"Hey Aviar." Hiro greeted Aviar.
"Hey Hiro." Aviar anwsered back,"Hey Kagome."

Kagome sat silently and kept staring.
"It's been 3 weeks now Kagome. He's not comming back." Aviar said grimmly as he firmly placed a hand on her shoulder.

"No! He's comming back I know it!" Kagome snapped pulling away from Aviar.

"Kagome listen if he was comming back he'd be back already. Hell if he wanted to be here at all he would'nt of ran away." Hiro said shaking Kagome's shoulders.
"Y-your right..." Kagome sighed and slumped down into the window sill. "I just wish that-"
The front door burst open and a tall stalky figure stepped in, wearing a water soaked gray hoodie, and soaked black jeans. He slowly unzipped his hoodie and flipped back his hood.
"KONKEROU!" Kagome yelled and hugged him tight.
"I guess I was missed." Konkerou said hugging her back with a smile. Kagome looked up at him.
"What happened to you?" Kagome asked looking at his now short brown hair and golden wolf ears, and golden tail.
"Its a long story." Konkerou replied.
"You get taller?" Aviar asked looking up at him.
"Of coarse, my dad was at least seven and a half ft tall. I'm his succesor and a demon so i might be taller and stronger than he was." Konkerou replied,"Oh and the Izka clan mark has changed as well." Konkerou lifted up the sleeve of his right arm and the mark looked tattered and stripped running down the length of his arm.
"I'm gonna go tell Kira your back." Aviar said excitedly and fluttered away.
"I'm gonna go to bed and leave you two to catch up." Hiro snickered and walked up stairs and went into Konkerous room were he has spent the three weeks Konkerou was gone.
"Uh...I guess its just us now." Konkerou said.
"Yah... You must be starving I'll get you something to eat you just sit down." Kagome said and hurried into the kitchen.

Kagome came back later with bowls, cups, and plates in her arms, but Konkerou was currled up sleeping. Kagome sighed and understood that he would be tiered after a three week trek through the forest. She set the food down on the coffee table and layed a blanket over Konkerou. She turned to leave but saw him shiver so she lifted up the blanket and curled up with him and they slept for the rest of the night together.

I could go longer but your gonna have to wait until the comic comes out. Please leave a comment if you wish. I'll try to post the comic soon but i have never been to good with dead lines.

Konkerou: The golden wolf chapter one finally; The carnival, a battle of epic porportions

Konkerou layed in his bed, his brown pointed ears twitched, his long golden hair fell of the side of the bed, his long, brown bushy tail lightly brushed against the bed like a metranome, his bare chest moved up and down slowly, the door of his room creaked open, the intruder creapt up beside him, her long black hair hung low.
"Konkerou!" She shouted, Konkerou's red eyes shot open he flung up franticly flinging the sheets off him. He panted heavily his tough hanging out like a dog's.
"Why'd yah do that Kagome!" Konkerou panted staring angrily at the beutiful 15 year old girl.
"I got news thats why."Kagome said excitedly handing him a piece of paper. Konkerou grabbed the piece of paper and studied it, it read:

Summer carnival

Free admission, food, snacks, and rides! Live entertainment.
Hoasted in mid town Japan 10:30am to 5:00am. Donated from an anonomose source All welcome.

"A carnaval, whats that?" Kokerou asked cocking his head ears twitching.
"It's basicly a big feastaval with lots of fun games and rides and attractions."Kagome explained.
"Sounds fun." Konkerou yawned.
"Guys!" A tall Fox demon with a pointed snout and fierce eyes looked at them shouted, demon down town and it's a big one!"
"Lets go!" Konkerou grinned, strapping on his silver kimono.
They rode out on Kagomes bike Konkerou running by them and Hiro floating on a little cloud.

"Hey i'm Konkerou Izka and well I'm just your average wolf demon blessed with the mark of the Izka clan, but cursed by the hand of the oranhowjou and evil curse that causes me extreme pain and suffering. I was mysteriously brought to modern day Japan 400 years in the future! Here I meet Kagome Higurashi, a sweet girl that well I know now why Inuyasha liked her! I also meet Hiro a spirited fox demon whos magic, and wits guide us through some tough times. I also got to reunite with my best friend Aviar a quick witted, but a little cocky hawk demon that was a child hood friend of mine. Also I meet his girl friend Kira, a sweet girl, a sorcerous nekko who's heart is always in the right place together we defend Tokyo from giant demons who treaten to kill us all! Theres anouther down side to the curse... Every full moon I become a destructive beast named Toshima after the first first day I became him and attacked Kagome! I vowed never to let anything happen to her again no matter what happens to me! Together were a pack who's bravery and courage protects all of Tokyo, and you thought your job was hard.I'd explain more but theres a roach man that needs squashing!

*Rattle,Rattle!* the roaches shell rattled and quacked.

"Whatch out!" Konkerou yelled, pulling Kagome and Hiro out of the way before a lardge blackish brown ball shot out from the roaches mouth as it smashed through a concrete wall and sat there like a rock.
"Damn!" Konkerou groweled looking up and over the stack of cement bags, "We have to find a way to jam the shell so it won't rattle."
"And, so it's under side is open." Hiro added.
SCREEECH! Aviar cawed before landing by them Kira in his arms.
"Took you long enough."Konkerou muttered.
"Hello to you to."Aviar remarked sarcasticly. Anoughter ball slammed against the bags before ricoshaying off.
"Whats with him?" Aviar said peering over the sacks.
"Same old, same old, demon thats trying to destroy the town, nothing big." Konkerou replied.
"Well whats the plan?" Kira asked.
"we need to jam it's shell so it stopps shotting thoose over grown musket balls at us." Konkerou breethed holding off yet anouther blast.
"Leave it to us!" Kira said grabbing Kagome's hand.
"Us?" Kagome asked before being pulled out into the open field. The beetle shot anouther blast seendind a lardge cloud of of dust and wind onto the field Kagome had to push her skirt down to keep it from flying up, and Kira's staff from flying out of her hands.
"Know what do we do?" Kagome asked harshly.
"Rocks." Kira awnsered briefly picking up a stone.
"Rocks?" Kagome asked, "What are rocks going to do?"
"You throw 'em I go behing it and jam the shell open with my staff." Kira explained before running off.
"Ohhhhh, why me?" Kagome complained, she picked up a stone and chucked it at the roach.
It hissed and turned Kagome's hair stood on end and she chucked stones faster but more slopply than accurate. The beast started to rattle again Kira crept behind it and jammed the rock of steel and concrete into it's shell it stopped, but not for long the stone started to crack! Kira grabbed more and jammed them into the shell it held! Konkerou jumpped over the stack and Aviar followed, Aviar stuck his talons underneath the shell and forcefully pulled away the shell feveling and a squishy yellow oozing body, Konkerou flipped his giant sword and gabbed it into the body he tore his sword up and sliced it in half it fell with a thud. Kagome shivered at the disgusting narled body and the thick yellow ooze coming out the sides.
"Kagome are you ok? You look ill." Konkerou said sympatheticly putting a hand on her shoulder.
"No i'm fine it's just..." She tralled off and turned away from the coarpse.
"Ohhhh, I get it, it's a little... extreme for you." Konkerou tried to put in a way that wouldn't get her angry.
"Yah." Kagome confessed after a little bit.
Kira aimed her staff and sent a ball of fire on the coarpse. It shriveled up into a bal and went to ash a lingering smell hung in the air.
"Hey Aviar what time is it?" Konkerou asked. Aviar looked at his watch.
"10 o'clock." Aviar said, "why?"
"Hey Kagome the carnaval is starting soon wanna go?" Konkerou asked.
"Sure I guess, we already did our job so why not?" Kagome said cheerfully, "You guys wana come to?"
"I guess Kira?" Aviar asked
"Sure sounds fun!"
"Well what are we waiting for lets go!" Konkerou said giving a grin with a fang sticking out.

They arrived a little after 10:30 It was huge! The ferius wheel was there rides of all kinds, the smell of carni food was every were.
"Wow." Konkerou awed at the lights and smells of everything. They walked in They seperated into groups Hiro used his magic to apper normal and went alone, Kira and Aviar went together, and Kagome and Konkerou paired up. Hours past and they were all having fun Kagome and Konkerou were at the photo booth, they made funny faces the forth shot Konkerou licked Kagome's cheek, she stared at him, and eventually they broke out laughing, the all meet up at center stage were the entertainment was starting a man in a hoodie walked up to the stage.
"Every one having a good time?" He shouted into the mic, the audience shouted and cheered.
"Good... know we need some volenters on stage how about you 5 the two ladies and the gentle men!" He pointed in the croud and the light from the stand pointed on Konkerou, Kagome, and the others, they walked up to the stage.
"Kagome I have a bad feeling about this." Konkerou whispered in Kagome's ear.
"Stop being paranoid, relax." Kagome told him. They walked center stage in front of the hooded spokes men.
"Now, they already know me, and the powers I have so all of you mortals go or you'll die!" The hooded man shouted pulling off his hoodie and revealing a long dark cloak, and a scyth. Lardge demons appered by him. The crowd screamed and ran. Konkerou, and the gang got battle ready they packed there things just in case.
"Reaper! What the hell do you want from us now!" Konkerou barked.
"It's the perfect time to cheak your will." Reaper grinned, "Grunts attack!"
The lumbering beasts attacked them strat on Konkerou wwent up and slashed, it didn't cut, the beast swatted him like a bug, Kagome ttok her bow and lauched a sacred arrow it hit it it went in but it didn't die, It roared and charged. Aviar and Kira had difficulties of there own, Aviars strongest move didn't even phase it, it just roared and charged, Kira's Solar flares only scarred the armor but it did't kill it. They charged head on them head on Konkerou flipped in the air and fell to the ground, Aviar was smacked into a wall Kira was pinned between a flipped over stand and the lumbering beast ahead of her.
Kagome was panicing nothing seemed to work then she saw something a loose plate it was charred ond only slightly out, she picked up her bow and steadied her self she shot her arrow at the loose spot it chipped off and the beast fell to pieces.
"YAH!" Kagome shouted in happiness
"Kira! Aviar! Theres a loose part on the beasts suit fing it and get rid of it the beast will fall apart. Kira found the plate and shot a quick mud shot and the beast fell apart.
Reaper laughed and laughed and the two piles of rubble quivered, they slammed together and swirled around a giant beast formed.
"What!?" Kagome shouted while she was helping Konkerou up from the rubble.
"Damn I... I don't have much strangth left" Konkerou groweled," Wait there on it's head if, if I could just get up there and pull it out I'd fall apart."
"We'll try and hold it off just be careful." Kagome pleaded.
"Konkerou snuck around the the battle field as the others fought he slowly climmed up it's leg and up it's side it flung boulders and spat fire at the group, Konkerou made it to the head he yanked as hard as he could but it didn't budge.
"It's not working!" He cried yanking harder.
"Konkerou please you have to try your our only hope." Kagome pleaded.
"I can't I... I just can't!" Konkerou yelled.
"Please, I bevelive in you Konkerou." Kagome whispered. That set off a spark in Konkerou's head he groweled and grunted his muscles tensed he ripped out the plate and snapped it in half and threw it into a fountain, it disintigrated as soon as it hit water.
"Yah!" Konkerou howeled as he jumped off the beast in time before it hit the ground.
"Konkerou you did it!" Kagome yelled and hugged Konkerou.
"Hahahaha hahaha mwahahahaha!" Reaper laughed.
"What are you laughing at all your croanies are gone!" Kagome yelled.
"You think that I can't kill myself?" "I'll destroy you all!" Reaper yelled and ripped off his cloak, he had giant black wings short spicky Dark blue hair lardge muscular arms, and long muscular legs hidden behind black skinny jeans he hade tough long sleeved armour on his pale gray eyes shone dimly. He flashed up to them and hit Konkerou into the giant circus tent up against the center pole. Reaper flashed up to him and picked him up by the throat.
"You think you can beat me?" Reaper yelled.
"Your just a poser my friends and I will destroy you!" Konkerou coughed.
"Your not whorthy to live!" Reaper shouted, he thrusted his arm into Konkerous chest and punched a hole right through him.
"You.... bastard." Konkerou breathed, just then the tear int the tent reaveled the full moon hidden behind a fog bank the clouds parted.
Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump! Konkerous body pulsed and flung back reaper.
Toshima looked different he was on all fours pure black a blood red patch of fur on his chest, a lardge red line went from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. The same piercing yellow eyes looked strait through reaper.
It stood up it grabbed reaper and slammed him to the groung he picked him up and slashed his chest, he picked him up again and slammed reaper to the pole before Toshima could finish reaper of he trans ported himself away, Toshima howeled at the sky.
"K, Konkerou?" Kagome stuttered. He turned and looked at the four individuals huddled up.
"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! " Toshima roared and charged he went up to Aviar and did an X- slash cutting his wings and kicking him down, He picked up Kira ang flung her to the stack of barrels, Hiro chrged but Toshima grabbed him ang threw him into the pole, He stood up to Kagome only a few feet away, he stared at her.
"Konkerou please, it's me Kagome." Kagome pleaded to the 7 foot beast, Tohima stopped and looked at her Kagome got through to him, Toshima quickly slashed Kagome's chest leaving 4 claw marks on her chest, Kagome was unconcious, Toshima lifted his claw and before he could finish Kagome off Aviar slashed the back of Toshima's head and he fell to his side.
"Sorry... old friend." Aviar said holding his arm as he looked at the falled wolf who turned back to normal size and shape in tattered black jeans and torn shirt and hoodie.

Konkerou woke up and sat up strait on his bed his chest was bandeged up, he limped down stairs Aviar's wing were bandeged up Hiro had cuts on his arms but was awake trying to snap his houlders Back in place, and Aviar comforted the shaken up Kira, sitting close by her, and holding her close. Konkerou limped down the stairs and walked up to them.
"No I, I can't belive I did this." Konkerou said looking at his wounded friends.
"Well, It's not entirly your fault, you know you change when it's a full moon." Aviar replied.
"Wait, were's, were's Kagome?" Konkerou said looking around.
"She's in her room, her mom's bandeging her up, she's ok and won't have any scars but she's still asleep."Hiro said crossly, Konkerou panicked and rushed up stairs.
"Kagome!" Konkerou yelled she was sleeping in her bed in her night gown a strip of gauze hung from her shoulder.
"Shhhh!""She's still asleep." Kagome's mom whispered.
"Let me see her." Konkerou said rushing to Kagome's side, he held her hand and looked at her.
"It's all my fault." Konkerou sobbed softly his head hanging low, "No matter what I do I hurt the one's I love." A tear roalled down his cheak.
"Now, now, It's not entirly your fault, your friends explained it all and about your condition." "You can't control yourself, it's a disease that you can't control." Kagome's mom tried to comfort him out of her motherly instinct.
"It's all my fault, I... I loved her and I do this to her."" What kind of friend am I?" Konkerou cried softly.
"Come o your still hurt just get some rest she'll be fine." Kagome's mom told him. Konkerou limped to his room and layed down.

That night Konkerou packed his things and walked down the hall. He opened Kagome's door he placed a note on her desk and walked over to Kagome. He kissed her on the cheak and placed the photo roll in her hand. He ran out the door and into the forest he ran through brambles and thorn covered bushes until he reached a clearing he slunk to a tree and barried his head into his knees and cried.

Hey all! This is the last Konkerou story. But don't worry! I'm making a comic series! So cheak it out and don't forget to leave a comment!

The Gold Wolf 20 Konkerou's late night patrol

It was a cool summer night Konkerou ran to town to run some errands for Kagome's mom it was late and few people were around so his tail flapped freely in the breeze his hood of his jacket hung behind him with most on his hair hidden by the jacket he was carrying the grociers in his back pack so he didn't have to carry them. He walked by the bank when a sharp popping sound blasted. He jumped he reached behind him no sword!

"Dammit all!" He whispered angrily his dog ears twiched in frustration. He peered in side a man had a gun held up to the banker the banker was shoveling cash into bags. Konkerou had to act fast he flipped up his hood and flicked out his claws he left his tail out no one would see his face any way.

Konkerou elbowed the door open and every one turned.
"Get down!" The robber yelled pointing the gun at Konkerou Konkerou's red eyes flashed he gave a grin and in a gray blur Konkerou was up to the crook. Konkerou snapped his elbow pulled the gun out of his hand and pistol whipped him across the face. The bank robber looked up at Konkerou from the floor.
Konkerou ripped off the velvet rope and tied him down.

"Thank you sir." The bank teller praised Konkerou shaking his hand.
"No probe it's nothing." Konkerou laughed and grinned, "Now if you'll excuse me I have some business to attend to." Konkerou jumped out the open doors and ran at top speed. (about 35- 40mph.) He got home around 8:30 dinner was already served and the dishes were already put away.

"Hey Konkerou." Kagome greeted him, her long black hair was slightly shining from the bath water.
"Hey Kagome." Konkerou smiled back putting the food away.
"What took you so long?" Kagome asked helping him with the groaceries.
"Nothing much just walked here is all." He said tossing the bags were they usually go.
"Well It's getting late, night." Konkerou yawned.
"It's only 8:45." Kagome replied worried he didn't usually go to bed this early.
"Well I'm just a little tired is all." Konkerou said.
"Ok night then." Kagome said.

Konkerou woke up the next morning his tail was frayed he shoke his head and pulled on a t shirt and his kimono pants. He opened the door only to run into Kagome they fell over and of corse Konkerou pulled her up.
"Sorry." Konkerou appologised.
"Whatever! Your in the news!" Kagome shouted.
"Huh?" Konkerou asked.
"Come on!" Kagome yelled and grabbed his hand and pulled him to the living room. The TV was on and playing color footage of what happened during the bank robbery.
"Wow." Konkerou awed.
"It's amazing!" Kagome cried,"Your a hero!"
"Wasn't I one already?" Konkerou asked remembering all the times he's saved the city from demons, wheter he was a demon or not, also remebering a few romantic moments between him and Kagome.
"Yah, but this is different Inuyasha never did anything like that unless there was a jewel shard involved." Kagome replied.
"You know it's actually a real stupid idea." Hiro said jumping between them giving a toothy grin.
"Why?" They asked Hiro in unisin.
"First of all your idetity night be revealed and every one will know your a demon." Hiro said leaning back into the cushions of the couch, "And also your not alowed to solve crimes unless it's your job, you'll be a vigilante which of course is against the law."
"He's... He's right it'll end up like when those police men captured you!" Kagome stuttered.
"I can handle myself i'm not a little kid, I can do what I what!" Konkerou barked he grabbed his coat and is walet and walked out.
"Wow he's not like that unless... unless it's a full moon!"Kagome cried.
"Well the full moon isn't for a week or so." Hiro said.

Meanwhile ...

"Stupid Kagome, stupid Hiro who do they think they are? I'll do what I want, this is my life! Oh great! I'm repeating song lyrics!" Konkerou muttered.
"Hey wolfy." Aviar screached as he landed beside Konkerou. "Whats eating you?"
Aviar asked feeling the frustation eminating from him.
"Leave." Konkerou groweled sternly still walking ahead.
"Konkerou you can tell me anything you know that right?" Aviar asked trying to get a look at him.
"Pfft, I live with idiots always telling me how to liove my life."Konkerou gripped.
"Ahh you had a fight with your girlfriend." Aviar said.

Konkerou grabbed Aviar's throught and slammed him into a wall.
"SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!" Konkerou roared eyes turning yellow, and his hair turning black, and crimson dimons eched around his eyes.
"Konkerou relax, don't get to worked up! You'll turn!" Aviar groaned in aginy
Konerou released his grip and turned normal,"Sorry." Konkerou sighed.
"Don't worry about it having fights with your girlfriend suck." Aviar said sympatheticly.
"Kagome's not my girlfriend!" Konkerou snapped baring his teeth.
"Ok geez the way you kissed her after that battle a while ago mislead me." Aviar said sarcasticly.
"Yah know I'll let yah stay with me and Kira." Aviar offered.
"Sure." Konkerou sighed.
"I'll get your stuff and you go to this address." Aviar explained and gave him a piece of paper, before strapping on his goggles and talking off.

Konkerou arrived at the address on the note and knocked on the door. The door opened and a young huntress awnsered.
"Hello?" A beautiful young neko awnsered she had long blue hair and silver eyes and wore a red t-shirt and green cargo shorts.
"Uh, hi i'm Konkerou I one of Aviar's friends." Konkerou replied.
"Oh then come in." Kira offered,"I'm making tea would you like some?"
"That would be nice." Konkerou smiled and sat down.
Kira came back later with a few cups of tea. "So what brings you here to our humble home?" Kira asked.
"I had a fight with my so called 'Girlfriend'. " Konkerou sighed his ears wilting.
"You poor thing!" Kira cried and hugged him, "Break ups are hard and painful." Kira said tring to comfort him while strokking his hair.
"She wasn't really my girlfriend I just didn't know what term to use." Konkerou awnsered blushing.
"Oh well, still it hurts dosen't it?" Kira asked him her hands still on his shoulders looking at him.
"Yah I guess." Konkerou awnsered.
"Well have some tea and make your self at home." Kira said sweetly as she got up and left the room.
"That was strange was she trying to subdo me?" Konkerou whispered to himself.
"Hey I'm back!" Aviar yelled a green duffle bag hanging off his shoulder.
"Got your stuff." Aviar said flingging the bag onto the couch.
"Hey Avi!" Kira called walking into the room hugging him and giving him a quick kiss.
"Hey Kira." Aviar awnsered," Konkerou is going through some hard times Is it ok if he stayed here?"
"Of coarse he can stay." Kira awnsered, "What kind of friends would we be if we let him stay out on the streets?"
"Well you'll be with us fo a while." Aviar said.
"Thanks guys." Konkerou thanked them and actually started to relax.

that night...

Konkerou tossed and turned before snapping awake sitting up on the couch, he unzipped his duffle bag and grabbed his jacket. He grabbed the spare key and went out. He ran as fast as he could he couldn't sleep, he couldn't go back to Kagome's, he had to do something, anything to clear his mind. A car alarm sounded he skidded to a stop he ran to the source a man was hot wiring a car, Konkerou wasn't about to let that happen. He grabbed the back of the mans shirt, punched him in the face, and gave a rapid fire blast to his stomach and kicked him across the face. He layed there on the ground Konkerou felt good he felt powerful, He heard a chipping sound and some whispers he knew what to do, he ran to the source a few people were huddled in a group.
"Ok men here's what were gonna do that big technology building all we gotta do is take our guns, shot all the bastards in sight, steal all the money in the vault and run to Hiroshima scotch free!" The leader laughed.
"But, boss what about the Lone Wolf running around town?" Asked definetly the smartest ones of the group.
"Even that guy can't stand a bullet or two."The leader shouted, slapping him in the back of the head.
"Look there it's him!" A man from the group shouted Konkerou grinned he flashed into the middle of the group he grabbed one of them and flung them into the wall with anouther member with him, one of them tried to punch him Konkerou grabbed his wrist and upper cut him and broke his nose. One of them tried to hit him in the back of the head whith the butt of his gun, Konkerou slashed the gun into pieces and flipped the man to the ground face first, the leader of the group was the only one left standing he pointed a gun at Konkerou he could see the fear in the leader's eyes Konkerou kicked up the gun and punched him in the gut, kicked him in the side of the head and gave a rapped fire blow to the chest before he fell to the ground. Konkerou set off a flash bomb to alert the police, before running back to the appartment. He flung his jacket into the bag zipped it up and fell onto the couch and finally got a peaceful rest.

Konkerou woke the next morning to the smell of cooking, he pulled on a black under shirt and walked to the kitchen Kira was cooking Aviar almost ran into Konkerou.
"Sorry Konkerou I forgot to tell you it's hectic in the mornings." Aviar appologised.
"It's ok." Konkerou said cheerfully his tail wagging slightly.
"Why arn't you happy for a guy who just left home?"Aviar remarked some consern in his voice.
"I just had a good sleep is all."Konkerou almost purred as he sat at the breakfast knok of the kitchen.
"Well your right on time." Kira smiled as she served some bowls of pipping hot sweet brown rice with a creamy white sauce and a fresh bisket.
"Looks great Kira!" Konkerou thanked Kira before spliting his chopsticks and shoaveling in the rice.
"Why thank you Konkerou."Kira said blushing.
"Hey Kira you think it's a little strange that Konkerou's so perky?"Aviar whispered to Kira.
"A little but you never know he could just be really happy in the mornings." Kira whispered back.
"Mabye."Aviar sighed.
Konkerou slammed his chop sticks on the counter and held the bowl in one hand,
"Can get more of your delicious rice?" Konkerou asked sweetly his ears twitching.
"Sure just a sec." Kira awnsered. Aviar sat by Konkerou and leaned close.
"Any interesting dreams?" Aviar asked suspiciously.
"No not really." Konkerou awnsered.
"Any reason for being so happy?" Aviar asked again.
"I told you already just got a good rest." Konkerou awnsered again.

Konkerou seemed to float around the house the rest of the morning seeming a little to happy. A earthquake like crunching sound shoke the house. Konkerou sped to his bag and grabbed his belt ,and his suit and rushed to the site Aviar flew by him, and Konkerou starred at Kira.
"Arn't you coming to?" Konkerou asked.
"No i'm not much of a fighter, I'm more of a magician you could say,but my spells arn't to strong." Kira said blushing with embarrasment.
"Well were a pack If one of us is weak the others will help."Konkerou explained.
"Well ok i'll try."Kira sighed she came back in a dark blue out fit,it had a skirt with dark blue tights not see through like some are, a tunic with long sleeves fit her well like a t- shirt it hung a little loose but not to lose, and a silver magician band on her head.
"Good your ready so lets go!"Konkerou grinned before charging out the door full speed. Aviar picked up Kira and flew off.
Konkerou was running when Kagome, and Hiro came up beside him.
"Konkerou why'd you run away?" Hiro asked curiously.
"We wern't judjing you we were just concerned is all." Kagome added. Konkerou didn't want to hear it he ran full speed almost pushing himself to go faster.
They reached the spot Anoughter demon lay there it was a horrible beast a morfed dragon head, long slender bodey strong muscular arms and legs and a giant pole arm in his hands.
CRUUUUUUUUUUNCH! he swung his axe and crushed a few small buildings.

"Hey you! Pick on someone your own size!" Konkerou yelled running up its fat tail. Konkerou made a tremendous jump and drove the Rikoutzu into the beasts back.
"You little runt I'll destroy you!"It groweled swatting a hand at Konkerou. A blizzard of feathers shot from the sky into the beasts arm warm green blood oozed out of it's arm.
"Solar furry!" Kira screamed pointing a staff at the beast seending a orange ball of fire into the beasts chest and blowing up with the power of 10 C-4 explosives. The beast stumbled back falling hard, Konkerou flew out from under neath the beast before it hit the ground he ran his claws down the side of the blade before diving onto the beast and lashing it with a non stop barrage of hell slasher attacks. Hiro took out his stick and it morphed into a giant steel hammer he took the blunt part of the hammer and the side of the monster he smashed it's rib cage with a sicking crack, Kagome whatched in horror as Konkerou dug through its chest long after they had killed it, she slowly walked up to Konkerou and stood behind him.
"K... Konkerou?" She stuttered,"Konkerou?" She placed a hand on Konkerous shoulder and Konkerou turned and almost lashed out at her his claws out and covered in blood his face smeared with the sticky green paste.
"Oh it's you." Konkerou groweled his eyes narrowed.
"Konkerou please stop. it's dead you don't have to go insane."Kagome pleaded her voice soft,"I know I shouldn't of judged you for stopping those criminals and i'm sorry, but you don't have to lash out and attack something that you already killed."
"Kagome."Konkero whispered.
"Please just come back I hate seeing you like this your going to get sick if you keep lashing out a,nd getting angry all the time." Kagome pleaded.
"Kagome, I'm sorry I... I'm just going through some rough times I can't sleep, I lay awake at night trying to sleep, the only thing that helped me relax was what I've been doing now." Konkerou appologised.
"Konkerou I didn't know i'm s." Kagome was cut off Konkerou held her tight and whispered,
"I'm sorry, I'm coming back." He let go and they went home, Konkerou sleept soundly and eventually stopped with the late night rades.

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The Gold Wolf #19 The cave banshee

"Konkerou why?"Kagome sobbed softly still holding Konkerou's lifeless body close tears running down her cheaks the small grin on Konkerou's face with the blood smear coming of the side reminded her of how kind he was.
"I didn't even get to tell you how I fell." Kagome cried softly eyes clenched closed saying it softly into his ear.
"Come now child why are you crying?" A soft warm voice asked. Kagome turned to see a beutiful woman around her 20's she was wearing white silk robes her long black hair fell to her lower back her ivy green eyes were full of sympothy.
"Who, who are you?" Kagome sniffled whipping her eyes with the remainder of her sleeve.
"I an Roe, and you are?" Roe asked putting a hand on Kagome's shoulder.
"Kagome Higurashi, why... why are you here?" Kagome asked softly.
"I was kidnapped by the hobbes I maneged to escape with my life now tell me Kagome why are you here, and who is that your holding?" Roe asked softly.
"Well, I came here with my friend Konkerou, you see Konkerou was demon once but he turned human, so we came here to try and turn him back, but the hobbes attacked and he didn't make it." Kagome started to sob loudly again barining her eyes into her hands.
"Come now don't cry, it could of been worse the hobbes could of used you as a slave and your friend as food." Roe said trying to cheer the grieving Kagome up.
"Well, yah." Kagome said.
"Come with me Kagome I'll help you, but theres nothing I can do for your friend, I couldn't even give him a proper bariel the rocks are to thick to dig through."Roe said looking at Konkerou's coarpse.
"I, I can't leave him hear though."Kagome cried, looking at Konkerou's face and back at Roe.
"Come, either you stay here with your friend and die with him, or you can come with me and live." Roe said firmly looking Kagome in the eyes.
"O, ok."Kagome finally decided gently laying Konkerou down.

Kagome and Roe walked through a narrow passage way dimly lit by the torches on the wall.
"Were are we going?" Kagome asked.
"It's not much farther." Roe awnsered a small lite was at the end of the passage, Kagome seilded her eyes but when she pulled her hand away it was like a small village an underground waterfallcrashed into a lake sitting by the far back wall small pipes carried water to a large hut on the right small huts with windows stood on the left, moss has grown into a path way on the cobble stone path.
"What is this place?" Kagome marveled looking at the beuty of the hand crafted houses.
"It's my home, the lardge widowless building on the left is the bath house when it enters the tub inside the water warms, those two buildings over there the first one is were I sleep the other one is my studio I meditate there to home my magic." Roe explained.
"Did you make this your selve?" Kagome asked.
"Yes I found stole some wood from the hobbes to make this."Roe said.
"A bath sounds really good right now."Kagome sighed looking at her selve, her tattered clothes exposed her dirt and blood covered skin.
"Yes, I will fetch you some lavender and a towel."Roe said. She came back with a busshel of lavender , and a cotton towel.
"Thanks." Kagome said she opened the large sliding doors and entered, she gently slide them back and threw the lavender into the water, she undressed and sank into the warm water.
"Ahh this is nice." Kagome sang she could fell the dirt and blood wash away the second she went in.
still I wish Konkerou was here well not in here but alive.Kagome thought.
"I really miss him."Kagome sighed Kagome fell asleep slowly in the warm water the lavender giving off a sweet smell.

"Stupid girl."Roe laughed. "She will fall asleep and then I'll cook her alive." Roe's laugh echoed through the cave as she filled a stew pot full of ingrediants.


Back in the small room were Konkerou's body lies the banshee's laugh could be heard from here.

*Thump, Thump.* A heart beat like sound blared through the cave room.
*Thump, thump. Thu, thump. Thump, thump, thump, thump.* The sound grew louder and faster when... *THREHGGGGG! THANG!* The heart beat became a loud boom and stopped. Konkerou's eye slide open a dark red coler stood there his tail lashed out of his lower back, his ears shout out of the top of his head pointed like horns His short brown hair grew long and gold his claws shot out of his hands His lardge canines shot out he roared in fury crimson red armour with a white ribbon flying out the front of his right shoulder, his birth mark glew red and pulsed with energy.

"Kagome." He said his sword formed in his hand pulsing with energy.
"I'm coming." Konkerou whispered he lifted up his sword and smashed the door down, he ran through the corridor into the village, he smelt evil he ran down the cobble stone path into the banshes studio.
"You bitch what did you do to Kagome!" Konkerou roared.
"You, your suppose to be bed but no matter," Demons shot out of the ground there red muscular bodies pulsed with power.
"Die!" Konkerou yelled his sword blasted out a lightning claw and slished through there muscular bodies like butter there blood splttered like a paint ball.
"You might of killed my lackes but you won't have such an easy with me!"Roe said her white robs turned red the sleeves shot off and looked like a thorny gown.
Konkerou lifted his sword and swung the thorns on her gown shot out and blocked it. Konkerou shot a lightning claw it barly made a scratch.
"Puny mutt you think you can defeat me with that stick?"Roe laughed she lifted up her hand and shot thorns at him he blocked most of it with his sword. Konkerou spun he dropped his sword and lunged at her she put out her hand and giant green vines lauched out of the walls and pinned him to the wall.
"Hahahaha." Roe laughed, "Hmm your a coragous fighter I think i'll turn you into my slave and you will obey my every comand." Roe said grabbing his face looking at him like she was going to his him.
"No man has ever resisted my spell so when I kiss you you'll do whater I whant." Roe said softly,"I might even marry you if your good enough."

"You bitch."Konkerou said his voice sounding more and more like Inuyasha's.

"Come now you can't do a thing right know. I could do what ever I want to you and you won't be able to do a thing." Roe said flirtingly she loosened her gown to reavel cloths exactly like Kagome's Roe's face turned to Kagome's.
"Now kiss me." Her voice the same as Kagome's. She leaned in and kissed him on the lips a red wave washed over him the vines receaded freeing Konkerou his bangs held low casting a shadow over his eyes.
"Now come to me, my slave." Roe said.
"Yes, my queen."Konkerou said walking up to her.
"Now kiss me and when you do we'll be bonded by blood." Roe said.
"Yes my queen." Konkerou awnsered blankly. He walked up to her pulled her close and before there lips meet Konkerou's hand shot though her chest her heart in his hand.
"But, but your suppose to be my slave." Roe gasped, "I could of made you happy beyond your wildest dream."
"You arn't the one I want you just anoughter cold hearted bastard that needs to die." Konkerou grinned as he crushed her heart into pulp. Roe's dead body hit the floor and Konkerou walked out.

"Uhhh," Kagome groaned she woke up a thick fog clouded her vision.
"It smells so sweet."Kagome whispered she looked down she was completly naked.
She remembered Roe and her village and Konkerou being dead.
"Konkerou." Kagome whispered The sliding doors flew open and the fog rushed out, Konkerou stood in the middle of the room.
"Kagome!" Konkerou sighed.
"Konkerou!" Kagome cried happily and ran into his arms they were focused on each others face.
"Konkerou I thought you were dead."Kagome said looking into Konkerou's eyes.
"I guess I came back." Konkerou said his voice back to normal looking into her eyes.
"I'm just glad your ok."Kagome whispered they both snapped out of it and looked down Kagome was still naked, Kagome screamed, and Konkerou fell flat on
the floor, and hit his head.

A while later Kagome found some cloths and Konkerou on the edge of the lake.
Kagome sat down by him as he cast a stone into the water.
"Hey." Konkerou said he could fell himself blush.
"Hi." Kagome awnsered back also blushing.
"I'm sorry for what happened earlier." Konkerou appologised rubbing the back of his head.
"It's ok i'm just enough to blame I was the one who jumped on you." Kagome appologised placing a hand on his shoulder. They sat there for a while watching the water fall crash into the lake.
"Hey Konkerou."Kagome asked still leaning against his shoulder.
"Yah?" Konkerou asked his arm around her shoulders.
"You got any idea how we get back?" Kagome inquried looking up at him.
"No and If we don't get back we can live here, pure water healthy plants we even have our own houses."Konkerou said looking at her.
"Konkerou." Kagome said blankly lips slightly puckered.
"Kagome." Konkerou said blankly leaning in closer before there lips meet a blue light flashed around them and they were back in the middle of the ring of blue powder there lips only a half an inch away they opened there eyes and snapped back.
"It worked! I worked,it worked, it worked!" The shamen sang dancing around the circle swing Hiro through the air despite Hiro's size.
"Hey theres my favorite couple!" Aviar crowed as he landed inside the ring beside them.
"I see you back any thing interesting happen?" Aviar asked bending over looking at them.
"No not really." Konkerou lied giving an uncomfortable smile.
"Come on guy's i'll give you a lift." Aviar said placing Konkerou and Kagome between his giant wings, before he took off.
"Guy's what about me! GUYS!" Hiro yelled still being swung around by the shamen.

The Gold Wolf 18 The spell of the changed wolf

Konkerou woke up the next morning his short brown hair hung low into his eyes
He yawned and sat up, he felt the side of his head his pointed ears still sat there.
"Knew it wasn't a one day thing." He whispered. He pulled on a red under shirt and his brown jacket, he drapped his cotton scarf was drapped on his shoulder, since he became human he became attached to the jacket, became his casual wear.

He walked down stairs to the kitchen Kagome was there she was in her pink pajamas.
"Hey Konkerou." she called cheerfully.
"Uh hey." Konkerou said uncomfortably, this is strange Kagome's not usually this cheery in the morning.He thought.
"You sleep good?" She asked sitting by him.
"I guess." He awnsered still triyng to figure out what was going on with her. She starred at him.
"What? What!" He yelled backing away.
"Well you were staring at me so I figured i'd stare back." She said.
"Kagome are you sick?" He asked.
"No why?" Kagome asked.
"Well, your acting weird."Konkerou explained.
"Well I decided that well, I really like you, and I wanted to do something nice for you guys."Kagome said.
"Ok Hiro knock it off." Konkerou said looking at Kagome.
"What do you mean?"Kagome asked.
"This." Konkerou said picking her up out of her chair pushing her back down trying to see Hiro's tail.
"Konkerou what are you doing to Kagome." Hiro said walking by the sliding doors.
"What do you mean i'm exposing you... for... oh crap."Konkerou wheezed, he snapped back away from Kagome.
"Uh sorry." Konkerou appologised, "I thought you were..."
THWANG! Kagome hit him over the head with a skillet wich, had there breakfast in it.
"I can't belive I thought I liked you!" She yelled at him he didn't move.
"Konkerou?" She asked, He fell to the floor a swollen red bump throbbed on his head.
"I think you killed him." Hiro said as they leaned over him his eyes closed.
"Well he was... felling me!" Kagome yelled in her defense.
"He thought you were me when I change you can see my little fox tail." Hiro said.
"Konkerou i'm so sorry!"Kagome cried trying to shake him up.
"I don't wanna go to the moon." He mummbled a drip of drool fell out of the corner of his mouth.
"He's fine." Hiro said blankly.
"Good."Kagome sighed putting him back down.
"GAHHA!"Konkerou screamed as his bump lightly scrapped the floor.
"Sorry!"Kagome yelled.
"I think it's bleeding!" Konkerou screamed.
"Sorry!"She appologised again.
"Wow, this is hilarious." Hiro said eating handfuls of eggs, and bacon off the floor.
"Kagome whats wrong!" Kagome's mom yelled running through the door way.
"Konkerou's bleeding bad."Kagome said almost crying.
"No thats bacon grease."Hiro said tasting the yellowish liguid dripping down his forehead.
"What do you mean Konkerou? Thats just a boy." She said.
"Konkerou turned human during the lunar eclipse." Kagome explained.
"Well thats strange but is he ok?" Kagome's mom asked looking at the pulsing bump.
"I think theres brain in it." Konkerou said delearious.
"Well if he's human your gonna have to take it easier on him." Kagome's mom said.
"I thought he was feeling me!" Kagome defended herself.
"Well you don't have to kill him." She said walking out the door.
"Mom, uh!"Kagome yelled.
"Should I go tords the smell of burning rubber or not?" Konkerou asked giving a crooked grin looking at Kagome.
"Uh Konkerou." She sighed, her hands glowed a pink color she stroked the back of his head.
The bump started to shrink.
"Whats happening?" Kagome asked.
"Arn't you the reincarnation of a prestice?" Hiro asked.
"Well, yah."Kagome awnsered.
"Then thats whats happening! Your healing powers have activated."Hiro said.
"Uhhhhh, what happened?" Konkerou asked sitting up rubbing his head.
"Uh, a skillet." Kagome awnsered.
"What does a band have to do with anything?" He asked.
"Nothing."Kagome said hugging him. "I'm just glad your ok."
"Well we should get Aviar and go before you guys make out again." Hiro laughed.
"Uh, yah." Konkerou said getting up.

Later in town...

"Hey elf."Aviar said.
"Hey bird brain." Konkerou replied.
"Whats with the name games with those guys?" Hiro asked Kagome as the other 2 talked.
"I don't know but it makes me want one." Kagome said.
"I know." Hiro agreed.
"Hey I know a shamen that might be able to help." Aviar said.
"Really wears he at." Konkerou asked.
"Well in the forest theres an old hut go there, he'll help you but tell him this; the Ookami is an elf." Aviar explained.
"Ok." Konkerou said.
"Ok guys lets move out!" Konkerou yelled.
"Were we going?" Kagome asked.
"The woods."Konkerou awnsered.

Later in the woods.

"How much futher?"Hiro complained.
"Not much longer now." Konkerou explained.
"Good my feet are killing me!" Kagome whinned.
The walked into the clearing a small hut layed there navy blue curtains hung down.
"Hello?" Konkerou yelled.
*Mummble* *Mumble*
"Hello?" Konkerou called again no awnser.
"Hel.. What do you whant!" Konkerou was cut off by a crazy old man.
"Uh, I heard you can help."Konkerou explained.
"Why should I?" The shamen asked.
"The Ookami is an elf." Konkerou said firmly.
"Ah the young wolf is human."The shamen said grabbing Konkerou's face.
"To turn you demon, I will need some one to help, uhhhh you little fox." He said pointing a finger at the Hiro.
"ME?" Hiro yelled.
"Yes you." The shamen replied "Come with me!" They walked into the shamens hut and let Kagome and Konkerou out side.


"OK I found it, you Boy if you want the girl to come with hold her."The shamen said looking at him with his lazy eye.
"Uh Kagome do you wanna come I will need all the help I can get." Konkerou mummbled.
"Ok."Kagome awnsered. She stepped into the blue ring of powder stepping up to Konkerou and he gently picking her up.
"Ookami, elf, Madarow!" A bolt of lightning hit the powder and they disapered.

Kagome and Konkerou woke up in a cavern. Kagome was resting by Konkerou, and Konkerou was roalled up in a ball sleeping.
"Uhh it's moist in here." Konkerou sneezed his sword was smaller and his jacket was gone he was wearing a black long sleeved shirt, and golden steel plated pants his scarf still clung around his neck. Kagome was wearing her Green skirt and a red t-shirt.
"Wow when did I change cloths." Konkerou asked.
"I don't know and what happened to your sword!" Kagome asked pointing at the glowing white sword by his side.
"Uh I don't know but we have to move if we survive here i'll become a demon again." Konkerou said stating to walk to the stone bridge hanging over a casem.
"Wow." Konkerou echoed.
"RUBBA GLOV!" An echo boomed from deep in the cave.
"What was that?" Kagome stuttered.
"Hobbes." Konkerou sneared ripping out his sword .
Huge brown lumbering beasts smashed through the small opening, giant axes in there hands they were almost twice as big as Konkerou.
"Die you giant bastards!" Konkerou yelled ripping out his sword. He ran to them and jumped through he cut through them like butter, but then the sword stopped glowing, he slammed his sword against the beasts skin it didn't cut, he twisted and tried to cut the rest of them.
"Oh Shit!" Konkerou yelled running he pulling Kagome's hand.
"What happened?" Kagome yelled.
"My sword can't cut there stone skin."Konkerou awnsered.
"Oh man!" She cried. They stopped in the middle of a walk way.
"Wait theres more." Konkerou whispered.
"We need to go!" Konkerou yelled.
"Were do we go?" Kagome asked.
"I don't know." Konkerou whimmpered looking back and forth.
"There there's a wooden door down there."Konkerou pointed to a slab of stone 20ft away.
"There here!"Kagome yelled.
"Well, well, well. look what we got here two mortals running through our caves." It laughed. "Now boys avenge your brothers in arms kill them!" It groweled. They charged, Konkerou ran, He pulled Kagome to his side ran to the edge of the bridge and made a running jump he flew through the air. A tomahak hit his back.
"UHG!" Konkerou yelled in pain.
"Konkerou!" Kagome yelled.
They fell hard on the slab of stone infront of the the door there cloths were torn and tattered from the stones they scrapped against.
They dragged them selves in side Kagome pulled the axe out of Konkerou's back A small river of blood fell out the corner of his mouth, a large cut was on his fore head from when they hit the rock, Kagome pulled off the remains of her skirt and wrapped it around his fore head to stop the bleeding she put his head on her lap to keep the wound elevated.
"Konkerou are you ok?" Kagome asked.
"No." He moaned.
"I'm so sorry." Kagome cried.
"Feel your every heartbeat." Konkerou started to sing weakly
"Feel you on these empty nights." Kagome sang.
"Calm the ache, stop the shakes
You clear my mind." They started singing together.

"You're my escape,
From this messed up place.
'Cause you let me forget,
You numb my pain.

How can I tell you just all that you are,
What you do to me.

You're better than drugs!
Your love is like wine.
Feel you comin' on so fast,
Feel you comin' to get me high!

You're better than drugs.
Addicted for life,
Feel you comin' on so fast,
Feel you comin' on to get me high!

Feel you when I'm restless,
Feel you when I cannot cope.
You're my addiction, my prescription,
My antidote.

You kill the poison,
Ease the suffering,
Calm the rage when I'm afraid,
To feel again.

How can I tell you just all that you are,
What you do to me...

You're better than drugs!
Your love is like wine.
Feel you comin' on so fast,
Feel you comin' to get me high.

You're better than drugs!
Addicted for life.
Feel you comin' on so fast,
Feel you comin' on to get me high!

How can I tell you just all that you are,
What you do to me!

Feel your every heartbeat,
Feel you on these empty nights,
You're the strength of my life.

You're better than drugs,
Your love is like wine.
Feel you comin' on so fast,
Feel you comin' to get me high.

You're better than drugs!
Addicted for life!
Feel you comin' on so fast,
Feel you comin' on to get me high.

Feel your every heartbeat,
Feel you on these empty nights.
Feel you comin' on so fast,
Feel you comin' to get me high.

Feel your every heartbeat,
So you come to get me high,
Feel you comin' on so fast,
Feel you comin' on to get me high!
To get me high!" They sang the song Konkerou guiding them through it.

"Konkerou."Kagome whispered.
"Kagome."Konkerou said grinning.
"Yah?" Kagome asked.
"I, I love you."Konkerou whispered still smiling as he closed his eyes and fell limp and lifeless.
"Konkerou!" Kagome cried leaning over his lifeless body sobbing loudly.