Earth Defying

Ah yes, never knows best... If I told you that I got that from a cigarette, which was being smoke by a Japanese high school girl who also happen to occasional sexually assault a elementary school. A school boy who is an indeed an inter dimensional bridge. In turn allowing killer robots to come to our world to try and flatten the world. Thus preventing the world from thinking... Oh and did I forget to mention our only hope and salvation is from an organization run by a Man with humongous eyebrows, which are fake btw, to compensate for his small... stature. ALSO not to mention a gorgeous gal who is able to fight of these evil robots, with her trusty Rickenbacker of hell, and with the aid of a kind robot? NOT TO MENTION I left things out... oh and its animated and it's complete run is only 180mins... oh right would you call me crazy if I told you that?

No of course you wouldn't, unless you wanted to be a meany face D:< (Gah! This pg-13 thing is killing me e.e)

Fooly Cooly, or FLCL, has captivated it's audience with... with... what ever the hell it was! I mean you can't even put a genre to it, it's a sci-fi, it's an action, its a slice of life, it's a comedy, it's a coming of age, it's a hentai... well OK maybe it wasn't a hentai but I'd be lying if I said I didn't get arouse at some points(Haruko moaning, the Rickenbacker, the GIBSON SG! Ahhhhhh oooohhhhh)... I hope that was PG-13 friendly o:

Ah shove it!

Anyways, where was I? Oh right, the anime was simply entertaining and all out fun. In the run time they were able to give each individual characters well... character. They became real people with real problems, not some plastic cut out. Albeit, the problems are pretty much out there, literary as it involves aliens, the reactions are pretty much what would happen...


... OK So maybe the characters are complete freaks but still they're uniqueness stands out from most cut and paste anime characters.

The plot is all over the place that at times it actually becomes incoherent. Hmm maybe I phrased that wrong. Hmm how to put this, this anime has a lot going on and if your not paying attention you might miss things. It's not like Wolfs Rain which is so incoherent that you can basically claim its about anything. In my humble opinion I think it's about how humans can be as vicious and wild as wolfs. If we just come together and focus our powers then maybe... then maybe, oh yes we can come together. Together we'll threaten Square-Enix to finally release the remake of FFVII. Those bastards... o.o anyways...

The anime doesn't take itself serious, it knows it has a crazy plot that jumps everywhere. They have fun with it. Giving us some pretty crazy diolouge that ranges to poetic to what the hobo down the street would say to his talking shoe.

The art also jumps around. From your fluid anime style art to weird badly drawn sketching. Oh and of course OMFGAWD MANGA MODE! YEEEEEAAAHHH YES EPIC!!! OHHH AHHHH!!!! Gah! I just love when it does that, probably one of my most favorite scenes where everything, for a few minutes goes bat crap crazy. Simply wow, this anime experiments with it's style something you rarely see animators see do... well unless they're lazy and did it on purpose. Which is probably what Gainax did... but it is forgivable. Unlike the ending to Eva but that's another story...

In the Audio section this anime is in my ranks as one of the best dubs I've ever heard. This anime is one of those rare exceptions where I prefer the English dub to the Japanese dub. The actors do such a good job, especially considering there characters are really out there. From Naota, played by Barbara Goodson, to Haruko, played by Kari Wahlgren, who I just love. Not in that way I'm a 2-d girl only type tyvm. To Melissa Fahn beautiful work with Ninamori Gah the list could go on. The over dramatic scenes to those serious moments to plain conversation they are able to give so much to the dialogue and interactions of the characters. The only problem I had really was probably Mamimi voice but not to the extent where it affects the anime as a whole. Really though one of the best dubs out there.

What really made it awesome though, what added that flavor to make it unique was the music. To filler music, to mood setters, to intense action, the music was all done by one band. THE PILLOWS! The music added sooo much. It set the mode and gave it a weird tone to the anime, it's something you have to experience. Which leads me to my final point.

Yes, this anime can be very confusing at time. Yes the anime isn't as fluid at times. This anime isn't just something you watch it's something you experience. Where you sit down and instead of trying to understand you let go and let your self experience the adventure. That's what makes this anime so unique and so enjoyable. You really start getting into it not for the plot necessarily but for whats going to happen next. Giant robots, Guitar, Gibson SG, Rickenbacker, Gibson Flying V, Sexual Tension, Crazy MOFO etc ETC!

So a rating... I've seen a few peeps out there use the 5 star system or the 10 pts system. I've grown to appreciate and like the 4 pt system though. Cut's a lot of unnecessary pts imo and gets right down to the point.

1/4 - It freaking sucks. Crappy story line crappy characters. Not in the least bit entertaining.
2/4 - Below average, coherent story line boring characters boring plot cut and paste anime.
3/4 - Above average, unique characters and plot. Story is engaging and acting does it justice.
4/4 - Epic, Must watch, very engaging story line, unique characters, beautifully acted and superb music and story telling.

Drum Role Si vous plait!



DUH! Not only is it a 4/4 but it also gets my official Award : ESSENTIAL ANIME: Award. (Who am I to give such an award? No one... just a guy who talks with his shoes I mean who doesn't talk with his shoes...) Not only is this an epic anime but it's also a must watch if your an anime fan. This anime did so much for me. It open me to more weird and fun anime out there. Before then I had no idea anime was capable of such a feat. But there it was and I loved every second of it.

Not only did it open me to more anime it also got me into Japanese Music. J-(insert Genre) as the hipsters call it, >.> or weaboos. Gah and ever since then I can't get enough of the Pillows or other Japanese band that I've searched for. FLCL is truly must see if you have not.

I hear that the blue ray is coming out I'll definitely be getting it. If you get it from rightstuf you get this kool P! chain.