She Froze My Heart But It Still Continued To Beat(Freezing)

OK this is gonna be a short review on the anime Freezing.



(Aliens have begun their invasion on earth. The only ones who can stop them are female warriors who have embedded technology in them, which enables them to essentially go super sayin mixed in a zanpakuto. Of course only females can use the technology while males have the power to freeze things to aid them. A girl who doesn't like to be touched, a pansy, er boy who is able to touch her in a school with females. Gee I wonder what will happen...)

When I was younger I would have loved this show. But now that I'm older, and have my own room (finally!) I can watch hentai when ever the hell I want. So the boobs, cleavage or cock tease just don't do it for me anymore.

The action is awesome but not awesome enough to carry the show as a whole. Since the plot is... stupid? No, thats not the word hmmm... ah right half assed In my humble opinion.

Manwha, Korean equivalent to manga, have a tendency to be dark... seriously dayum. I like it though it adds something fresh and breaks the ice. Although, this anime, I dunno really came off as being too clichéd. This story is really dark and I dunno why but I really don't agree with it. From the beginning I could already tell what was going to happen even the tragic stuff. Boring, nothing in this plot took me by surprise. So I saw the dark turns miles away and gah I just didn't like it.

Again, the only thing this anime has going for itself is it's animation and action. For some thats enough, but not for me.


-Run of the mild plot
-Awesome animation
-Epic action
-Beautiful BG
-Dark turns

Earth Defying

Ah yes, never knows best... If I told you that I got that from a cigarette, which was being smoke by a Japanese high school girl who also happen to occasional sexually assault a elementary school. A school boy who is an indeed an inter dimensional bridge. In turn allowing killer robots to come to our world to try and flatten the world. Thus preventing the world from thinking... Oh and did I forget to mention our only hope and salvation is from an organization run by a Man with humongous eyebrows, which are fake btw, to compensate for his small... stature. ALSO not to mention a gorgeous gal who is able to fight of these evil robots, with her trusty Rickenbacker of hell, and with the aid of a kind robot? NOT TO MENTION I left things out... oh and its animated and it's complete run is only 180mins... oh right would you call me crazy if I told you that?

No of course you wouldn't, unless you wanted to be a meany face D:< (Gah! This pg-13 thing is killing me e.e)

Fooly Cooly, or FLCL, has captivated it's audience with... with... what ever the hell it was! I mean you can't even put a genre to it, it's a sci-fi, it's an action, its a slice of life, it's a comedy, it's a coming of age, it's a hentai... well OK maybe it wasn't a hentai but I'd be lying if I said I didn't get arouse at some points(Haruko moaning, the Rickenbacker, the GIBSON SG! Ahhhhhh oooohhhhh)... I hope that was PG-13 friendly o:

Ah shove it!

Anyways, where was I? Oh right, the anime was simply entertaining and all out fun. In the run time they were able to give each individual characters well... character. They became real people with real problems, not some plastic cut out. Albeit, the problems are pretty much out there, literary as it involves aliens, the reactions are pretty much what would happen...


... OK So maybe the characters are complete freaks but still they're uniqueness stands out from most cut and paste anime characters.

The plot is all over the place that at times it actually becomes incoherent. Hmm maybe I phrased that wrong. Hmm how to put this, this anime has a lot going on and if your not paying attention you might miss things. It's not like Wolfs Rain which is so incoherent that you can basically claim its about anything. In my humble opinion I think it's about how humans can be as vicious and wild as wolfs. If we just come together and focus our powers then maybe... then maybe, oh yes we can come together. Together we'll threaten Square-Enix to finally release the remake of FFVII. Those bastards... o.o anyways...

The anime doesn't take itself serious, it knows it has a crazy plot that jumps everywhere. They have fun with it. Giving us some pretty crazy diolouge that ranges to poetic to what the hobo down the street would say to his talking shoe.

The art also jumps around. From your fluid anime style art to weird badly drawn sketching. Oh and of course OMFGAWD MANGA MODE! YEEEEEAAAHHH YES EPIC!!! OHHH AHHHH!!!! Gah! I just love when it does that, probably one of my most favorite scenes where everything, for a few minutes goes bat crap crazy. Simply wow, this anime experiments with it's style something you rarely see animators see do... well unless they're lazy and did it on purpose. Which is probably what Gainax did... but it is forgivable. Unlike the ending to Eva but that's another story...

In the Audio section this anime is in my ranks as one of the best dubs I've ever heard. This anime is one of those rare exceptions where I prefer the English dub to the Japanese dub. The actors do such a good job, especially considering there characters are really out there. From Naota, played by Barbara Goodson, to Haruko, played by Kari Wahlgren, who I just love. Not in that way I'm a 2-d girl only type tyvm. To Melissa Fahn beautiful work with Ninamori Gah the list could go on. The over dramatic scenes to those serious moments to plain conversation they are able to give so much to the dialogue and interactions of the characters. The only problem I had really was probably Mamimi voice but not to the extent where it affects the anime as a whole. Really though one of the best dubs out there.

What really made it awesome though, what added that flavor to make it unique was the music. To filler music, to mood setters, to intense action, the music was all done by one band. THE PILLOWS! The music added sooo much. It set the mode and gave it a weird tone to the anime, it's something you have to experience. Which leads me to my final point.

Yes, this anime can be very confusing at time. Yes the anime isn't as fluid at times. This anime isn't just something you watch it's something you experience. Where you sit down and instead of trying to understand you let go and let your self experience the adventure. That's what makes this anime so unique and so enjoyable. You really start getting into it not for the plot necessarily but for whats going to happen next. Giant robots, Guitar, Gibson SG, Rickenbacker, Gibson Flying V, Sexual Tension, Crazy MOFO etc ETC!

So a rating... I've seen a few peeps out there use the 5 star system or the 10 pts system. I've grown to appreciate and like the 4 pt system though. Cut's a lot of unnecessary pts imo and gets right down to the point.

1/4 - It freaking sucks. Crappy story line crappy characters. Not in the least bit entertaining.
2/4 - Below average, coherent story line boring characters boring plot cut and paste anime.
3/4 - Above average, unique characters and plot. Story is engaging and acting does it justice.
4/4 - Epic, Must watch, very engaging story line, unique characters, beautifully acted and superb music and story telling.

Drum Role Si vous plait!



DUH! Not only is it a 4/4 but it also gets my official Award : ESSENTIAL ANIME: Award. (Who am I to give such an award? No one... just a guy who talks with his shoes I mean who doesn't talk with his shoes...) Not only is this an epic anime but it's also a must watch if your an anime fan. This anime did so much for me. It open me to more weird and fun anime out there. Before then I had no idea anime was capable of such a feat. But there it was and I loved every second of it.

Not only did it open me to more anime it also got me into Japanese Music. J-(insert Genre) as the hipsters call it, >.> or weaboos. Gah and ever since then I can't get enough of the Pillows or other Japanese band that I've searched for. FLCL is truly must see if you have not.

I hear that the blue ray is coming out I'll definitely be getting it. If you get it from rightstuf you get this kool P! chain.

Sola(Get it? It means sun and in Spanish mean alone?)*Please Note* The Author Is NOT Emo.

What happens when you get the Main writer of Kanon and Original Character designer of Da Capo? You get an anime called Sola.

From the Animation studio that brought you, Rozen Maiden, Nomad. The Director who brought you Ichigo 100%, the ova’s, Tomoki Kobayashi. The other guy who directed Ichigo 100% the TV series can rot in hell for allowing it to be made and killing it! Tomoki's version of Ichigo 100% was exactly what I was hoping for in the anime series, its really to bad he only made a few ova episodes. Anyways that’s another story. The animation style is way above average, considering the fact that Nomad has helped out Kyoto Animations. Really though, what makes the animation style even greater is the sky. Since the sky has a big theme on this anime, the animation is able to bring out and capture the beauty of it, adding a lot of depth to the anime. The sky is usually filler in most other anime but in this one….it becomes a character in itself and comes alive, not literally of course. Nomad did a fantastic job.

Now let’s get into the characters. Our protagonist in this anime is a high school boy, Yorito Morimiya, who has a weird obsession with the sky. I would say his character is bland, but his obsession with the sky changes that. Then we have his sister, Aona Morimiya, your standard cold sexy chick. Through half of the anime she is sick and bedridden in a hospital, with the plot device, err I mean some generic disease. Although she doesn't show much emotion, when she does I do enjoy how the anime is able to portrait some of the emotion that she does emit from time to time. Then we have Matsuri Shihou, a mysterious girl, who like Yorito has a strange obsession with the sky. This is due to the fact that she isn't human. You see she is unable to see the sky since Sunlight kills her. I know what you’re thinking vampire right? Well you’re DEAD WRONG! .. That’s right I went there. She’s actually something known as a Yaka “calamity of the Night.” So all you Twilight fans out there don’t let the door hit you on the way out...

No wait come back I’m not done D:<

In all serious though Yoka’s only common thing with vampires is that sunlight harms her. SO yeah we don’t get this bloodlust clichés drama that plagues the vampire genre. It's just that she cannot go out when the sun is up. Other than that she just like any ordinary human....Oh yeah she has the power to cause people and objects to decay and they're also immortal. Other than that though they're absolutely normal. Them looking incredibly hot is just a coincendce. We then have Mana Ishizuki the typical Tsunder who goes to high school with Yorito and secretly has a crush on him...duh?(I know right? I thought she was coming on to me at first... but it's all a game Q.Q) She too has a sickly sister, Koyori Ishizuki, who happens to be In the same hospital as Aona, Yorito’s sister.(Geez I wonder what will happen...)
Finally we have Mayuko Kamikawa and Takeshi Tsujidou, that’s right they come in a pair. What’s an anime without your standard Lolita token girl?(A crappy anime thats what) Although, without revealing too much, Mayuko’s age is a big factor in their story, which I’m not going to lie almost brought me to tears. Almost…so I still managed to keep a firm grasp on my manhood (that’s what she said). Who am I kidding I lost that when I saw Grave of the Fire flies. Overall the characters are all believable and are portrayed perfecttly by the voice actors and actresses.(Heh I misspelled perfectly, an oxymoron or just stupid?)

Like I said before the story follows Yorito Morimiya and his strange obsession with taking photos of the sky. To the point were he ditches school and ignores his bed ridden sister. Yeah I told you he wasn't bland. I mean he even ditches her sister's birthday party right in front of her! But as we get more in to the plot we see a deeper significance to his obsession. The anime starts out wit Yorito getting ready to take a picture of the sunrise. As he’s setting up he notices a strange girl abusing the hell out of vending machine.(And no it wasn't a panty vending machine :/) That strange girl of course is Matsuri Shihou trying to get some sort of weird drink to come out. I believe it was tomato juice or something like that... Before Yorito realizes the sun has already risen, missing his chance to take a photo, and Matsuri vanishes just before it does. We then find Yorito ditching his classes on top rooftop of his school having lunch with the daughters of the Kings of both heaven and hell....
Oh wait different series... Hes taking photo the sky thats right. Mana Ishizuki is with him as they talk about the girl he meet while he was trying to take a picture of the sunrise. After school both of them go of to see Yorito's sister Aona Morimiya who's at the hospital for her birthday. We find Aona hanging out with Mana's sister, Koyori Ishizuki, who are playing with themselves...
er >.> wrong series again.... origami thats right. Anyways we then have Mana schooling Koyori for not addressing her as onesama she then proceeds to karate chop her on the head(D:< I ain't kidding either!)... gotta keep that karate chop hand strong I guess... and Aona not really happy with Yorito's present which is some weird troll-orge plushy thingy?(I liked it Q.Q...) Anyways halfway through the party at the Hospital Yorito hears some bells, bells from the old church outside. As he begins to open the curtains to take a closer look Aona tells him to stop but its to late, he has an orgasm?(and I thought I had issues) He rushes outside to take a photo of the setting sun. Ditching his sisters birthday party. Visiting hours are closed when Yorito is finally finished. He and Mana are forced to leave the hospital. Mana then begins to lecture him on his treatment of his sister with a KINFE!!(Put that thing away you crazy bish!!) Ok yeah shes cooking with it >.> Yorito is then forced to go to the Mini mart to buy some ingredients that hes ran out of. On his way back from the store it suddenly begins to rain. Hes then forced to find shelter and ... tries to wait out the rain I guess? I guess they do that alot in japan. I mean most people would hurry home... but w/e. As he waits for the rain to stop he suddenly meets Matsuri again chasing after her umbrella which has pictures of clouds and a blue sky under her umbrella. As they begin to talk they both notice they both have love the sky. Matsuri ask Yorito about the sky and he begins to tell her the many different types of sky they're. Both are lost in their fantasies of a beautiful sky. She then leaves him with the umbrella and her name. What await these two? Why is the loli chick living in a box? Why do I find that so adorable and hot at the same time? o:

Now this anime has a twist...and don't take that lightly either. I mean it has a BIG TWIST, even M night would go WTF!

The music to this anime is just breathtaking. They do an amazing job setting the mood and adding even more depth to the story. Fujima Hitoshi, although not well known did fantastic job with the soundtrack.

Now to me what is really important in an anime is the ending or the closure rather. Now to me the ending can make an anime memorable (Cowboy Bepop Ending gets me evry time). Or utter ruin the whole thing, DID YOU HEAR THAT TO LOVE RU ROT IN HELL!! Oh no... the memories are coming back. They're so unbearable AHHH!! Why wont they STOP LAUGHING?!!! DAM YOU TO HELL CLAMP DAM YOU TO HELL!!!!!!!


Like I was saying closure, and this Anime manages to give some closure, it could have used a bit more but overall I was satisfied on how it ended. This is why I give this anime an over all score of 4/4 a perfect anime. Sure its only 13 episodes but you get so attached and the anime manages to capture your attention that those 13 episodes really feel a lot longer. Really it does have just a few and minor flaws that you wont notice unless your looking for something to put down this anime for.

What really made me give this a perfect score has to do with timing. At the time I decided to start watching this anime I had lots of free time one Saturday morning and I this anime caught my eye. Thus I started to watch the anime, which I have stated countless time on this review, has a lot to do with the sky. On that particular Saturday it happened to be cloudy but the sun still manage to penetrate through (thats what she said). With the sun coming and going, the far of sounds of rain, the wind softly blowing in the gentle cold breeze, the sounds of wind chimes, the smell of the wet earth. It was as everything was right that day. I saw all thirteen episodes in that one siting. I was left amazed for I had just seen something so amazing. I literally went out onto my porch and watched the sky till it was night. It left a big impact on me. Simply amazing.

This anime is really a must watch and must buy! What I find really cool is that Bandai acquired the right to it for distribution here in the US. It's out and boy do I recommend it.