Ode to the Little Mermaid

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I admire The Little Mermaid for her courage.

You see, she chased after her dreams -- after what she wants -- a soul and the prince she loves. That’s two birds in one stone!

Her tale is very different from other fairy tales. She didn’t have a fairy godmother to help her achieve this. She went out of her way to exchange her tail for feet. It is not free too. In exchange for her feet, she has to give up her voice. She really stepped out of her comfort zone for this. Her feet really hurt every time she walks. Clearly she has sacrificed a lot -- from a mermaid princess to a mute commoner. Things were not as easy as a swish of a wand for her.

She is very determined though. What are her legs for?! She cannot talk but she can dance! She danced her way to her prince’s heart. She almost got there. Almost -- a very grievous word. Her prince thought of her only as a substitute. Someone he will marry had he not found the girl whom he thought saved him. This scenario is already heartbreaking. But this is not the end of it. Her prince found and married “her”.

Now, he is no longer her prince. Now, he’s somebody else’s. Now, she can no longer have what she already gave up when she decided to pursue her dreams. It’s all because she failed in her pursuit. Her destiny to become foam in the ocean is fast approaching.

Despite the hurt, broken heart and all that she already lost and still can lose, she cannot bring herself to kill the prince. Even if it is her only way to return some of what she once have. Even if this chance is a sacrifice her sisters had made for her. Her love for him is still a lot more potent than anything else.

And then she jumped into the ocean, expecting to become foam in salty water. There, a surprise awaits her. She became one of the Sisters of the Wind. She did not lose everything, it seems. She is yet to gain a soul!

Before she became one of the Sisters of the Wind, I imagine her returning to her true form one last time. For one last moment, the lukewarm seawater drenched her skin and her hair danced with the current…

Some might say she is a dumb girl. May be she is. But let us admit, not everyone is brave enough to gamble as much with no guarantee of a positive outcome. To go from the ocean, loving, dancing, getting hurt, struggling and then soaring to the wide sky!