A Princess Dream

Once upon a time, there is a little girl who has believed in fairy tales - that all girls are princesses and that their princes will one day come along in their white, majestic steed, will sweep the princesses off their feet, and they will ride together towards their castle and a happily ever after.

This little girl slowly grew into a young lady. And then she slowly realized that her fairy tale dream is not for every girl, that not every girl is a princess. That Cinderella’s kind heart, Snow White’s flawless beauty, Aurora’s magical gifts, and The Little Mermaid’s daring courage are really quite rare.

Also, there are a lot of fake princes around, breaking the hearts of most of the ladies she knew. With every broken heart she witnessed, hers cracks, and with every teary eyes she’s seen, her eyes wells up too.

But not all hope’s lost for this girl. She’s not yet ready to let go of her dream. She’s still certain that somewhere, somehow, there are couples who have found a one true love, a happily ever after. And maybe, she’ll be lucky and have her own prince!