Masquerade Dance

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Her mind is still blank. All she knows is that her heart is beating so fast…

She's not sure about what happened. She’s still fazed. Why is she dancing with such a wonderful guy?!

The moment he asked her for a dance… Though she knows that the love of her life has arrived, she wanted to run. But something in his clear eyes and soft smile told her to take his lead. She has already seen this romantic meeting with her true love in her dreams but never imagined that it would make her heart skip a mile... She has been found but felt so lost. Somehow all things seem so right, yet something's wrong... She knows that this is it but felt so unsure...

One thing’s certain, though – her skipping heart has mixed everything up!

He is still amazed at this girl! Her eyes showed a lot of emotion almost at the same time…

When he saw her across the room, he just couldn’t stop himself from going up to her and asking for a dance. It thrilled him so when he saw that she seems to want to run away from him. Her confusion is so amusing. She’s, indeed, different, in more than one aspect, from any other girl present in that hall.

Right then and there he knew - she is the princess he has always dreamt of.

In the midst of their silent dance, with all the unspoken thoughts, they wish to know more about each other. To take their mask off, at least see their face, know their name. Who might this stranger be? Who is this person I have fallen in love with?!