Shout outs, and Awesomeness.

I love seeing that TheOtaku is going back to finally need more than 5 likes to get to the front page again! And everyone is doing and awesome job commenting on works. This makes me happy, therefore we should party hard and enjoy this.

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Shout out to people who encouraged me a lot lately!
Autumn Tea- If she doesn't become the next big thing here, than I will personally loose my crap.
LightFykki- I hope you find a GF with more than 5%!
Angelbest dream- I love you and your comments. They make my day.
Arcticwulf- I hear she is Jamaican to. What is not to like.
Moonlit dream- Her art is so unique and interesting. I just love the cartoon style.
Krokun- Just seems like a simple and sweet person :)
Superstarpanou- Her art is just so classic, and she is so friendly.

I have a feeling I am forgetting someone. Now I feel mean. I'm sorry.