Don't Panic CHILD.

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-Psalm 203874832749238:21287
YAY I HAVE INTERNET AGAIN! A lot happened in these passes days...gee..where do I start. Well..I moved out of the hotel into our house. It's really nice...I shall get an all pink room with my own bathroom, so I am very thankful for that! But we don't have any hot water and the weather in Africa is freezing. Because It's below the Equator, Seasons are flipped. So we are in winter right now and it rains a lot. I still have to wait for my shipment to arrive, so we are renting furniture. I know this is random, but I have a feeling that someone died on my bed. I don't know what's wrong with me.

SCHOOL SITUATION. SO...same situation as before...I got accepted my sister didn't. The school is saying that she has a learning disability. I almost flipped my shit when they said that (excuse my language) and I had to leave the room. SO yeah..we need to find a school for my sis. I have never seen her so sad...its unlike her. And its the first time I am separated from her in a school

SOO The first time I ever got in a school bus. I sat alone. I was fine anyway because I was listening to music. Then we got to the school..and my class mates where just standing there. Then something weird happened. I STARTED FREAKING GETTING NERVOUS. This has never happened to me before...I am not very shy when meeting new people. A few girls said hi to me...but that was it. I was basically ignored for the rest of the day because I was really awkward and shy. I have never had a first day like this before. They weren't mean to me at all..they just didn't really care about me. I wasn't even assigned a buddy. But The guys were a lot nicer than the girls..I felt a lot more chill talking to them :/ Christian schools always are a little problematic. I am a Christian but I still have some trouble with them, because your expectations are so much higher than usual. I dunno.
But I'm not to worried (though it was weird seeing myself nervous) it was only the first day. I still have two years to go, an I'm sure they will be fun :D

I NEED SOME SERIOUS ADVICE! There are already drama auditions going on.... I am totally new to the school, I don't know anyone and I'm new to the country. Should I still audition? Why? I really love drama..but I'm not sure If I should wait until next year...I'm nervous.
Whats wrong with me??!!!

ANYWAYS I'm sorry this is really long :O I do appreciate if you read it all though! And I shall suck less at commenting on your guys creations now that I have internet.

Isn't this girl awesome for drawing Aka for me? I love her <3

If you guys want to draw her PLEASE DO!!! I would appreciate it a lot!!