I have Issues.

I think I have an earring addiction. But Africa has some awesome earrings..I couldn't resist.
Sad news...my sister was not accepted into the same school as me. That's bad since I have never been separated from my sister...Gosh. First day on a school bus alone without her. And finding a house has been really hard since my parents are very picky. So I shall just sit in a hotel room and watch "The days of our lives" re-runs. BUT FEAR NOT, ME. You will be fine :D

In other news. Secret Santa. I don't mean to be a whiny Mcwhiny face..but It's already August. Next Christmas is almost coming up. When am I gonna get my present...I was a good girl. Most of the time.

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! This is my Oc Malakai (Aka) by different artists!

External Image


OH GUYS Please feel free to draw Aka..because I'm making a wall of people drawing her on my wall! Please do! And tell me if you know anyone doing requests :)

My comment box is malfunctioning :/

And join my challenge you sexy beasts!