Why....why? :I

Mah boyfriend is persistent :I Like seriously, he hyper-extended his elbow from playing dodgeball =3= And well it's his fault, he's the one who wanted to throw out his arm...dumbass.xD

On another note, apparently a couple guys are saying that I won't last with him or the other way around. Also, this place is terrible with [email protected]@ LLAMA DRAMA.x3 *shot*

And one last thing, he acts sweet and perverted with me, but sometimes I wonder if he actually loves me cuz he keeps thinking my best friend here likes him and I really want to ask him why he keeps asking and if he likes me...or if he just thinks I'm wanting to get in his pants or if he just wants to get in my pants.= = GAHHHHH ANYWAYS, I'm trying not to let this get to me...let's just hope things get better after his arm heals.:P And please don't say anything mean.lol

Ok well time for me to go...hope you all had a wonderful weekend :3

*hugs all*