Hello everyone and welcome. In this place what you're going to find is me pretending to be in one of the clans. You can join as well and talk or what ever you like. I will be telling what it feel like to be in Naruto World. If you like you can add pictures of yourself anime or non and jump in on at anytime or you can even make up your own little stories. It does not matter to me, you can even marry one of the characters. It's totally up to you.

The Mystic Land

Prologue: Guardians VS Neos

Long ago in a far away place, there was a legendary land called the Mystic Land of Elements. According to the legend, Guardians they called them, lived in peace and harmony with the people. They possessed the power of the elements, fire, lightning, wind, water, earth, and ice. The Guardians went into a major battle between the negative Guardians, or Neos, as they were called. Neos had the same powers but they used them for evil. The Guardians and the Neos went through a battle that raged on for a year, the Guardians finally defeated them, but the price was high. They locked the Neo’s powers away in pins and then the Guardians sealed theirs. The pins were shaped just like their powers; Neos all black, the Guardians colorful. All the Guardians vanished.

A Simple Walk

Hello let me start off with introducing myself. My name is Roxanne Hatake, Kakashi's daughter. I found that out two days ago that I was his daughter and he had a huge wake up call. That wasn't the only suprise though, the other was that I past a test they gave me and went straight to being a Hokage of the Fire Village. I was just stunned as they said that and so was Kakashi as I just barley arrived the Hidden Leaf Villiage a week ago. As I stroll in this forest I felt like my entire world is changing each day I stay here. Kakashi and I are bonding but he sometimes have so many missions and I have so much paper work its driving me nuts. As the days go long, I get the feeling that they know something I don't. Although I didn't tell my teammates Naruto and Sakura my rank or the fact that I have a tweleve-tailed Dragon Demon the Akatsuki are after just like Naruto. Each day as I make new friends I feel like the teachers know something about me and they are too scared to tell me. I really don't like it but what can I do? Order them to tell me. No I can't do that although the other Hokage's don't take me serious because I'm the youngest Hokage since Gaara is a year older then me. Well that's it for now. See you soon.