Look, everyone! I'm Alive!

Hello! It's been quite a while, everyone!

It's Natsumi Yagami-chan, and in the past year I've really changed.
Let's go over why I haven't been active:

My mother recently divorced. Well, it's not official yet.
However, it's been giving me a lot of grief...
I was kicked out of my home and had to desperately search for a new one, and we're still trying to find an apartment.

Anyways, enough of that drama.

I've decided to dedicate my art to shaping up and becoming more professional looking, and in the meantime, I'm going to become a translator for manga.

I really hope I can one day publish my manga, but... hey, dreams don't always come true. But as long as I hold on to that dream, there's no reason for me to give up!

So for now, I'll be shaping up my art and asking you all for your helpful opinions!!

I'm really sorry I've been away for so long.

.....life really knows how to punch me in the face sometimes, you know it?