A Fan Fiction

Happy Thanksgiving, eveyone!!
I spent my Thanksgiving at my cousin's with a sinus infection, which sucked... Because I couldn't taste anything since I was sick
But! She introduced me to a website called quotev, which I have now made an account on! Yay! My username is weird and you would NEVER guess it NatsumiChan! Such and ODD username, why would I EVER pick that?
Thanks to this website, I've picked up the habit of WRITING IN ALL CAPS!!!! Well, I thought that maybe this website could help me promote my manga, no? So since I had an account, I thought, hey, I'm bored, why not write a fan fiction? And thus, a new world was opened to me. I started my Harvest Moon fan fic with a prologue and part one of chapter one, and it's already got 2 likes and four comments. (Yay, I feel accomplished.) So, without further ado, I present to you the prologue of my fan fiction!!
Harvest Moon: A Blossoming Romance

"COME BACK HERE, YOU DIRTY THIEF!" the farmer wailed, waving his pitchfork high above his head in anger. He chased me, panting hard. I ran on, and turned to make a face.
"Nyaa~! Catch me if you can!" I taunted. His face twisted in anger, and I burst out laughing. It was exhilarating; the cold night air brushing my cheek, and my silver hair swaying in the wind. Adrenaline pumped into my veins, pushing me to run faster. Finally, I reached the one obstacle that always manages to put a stop to my adventure: the fence.
It stood about five feet, and electricity channeled through to the barbed wire on top. It was the only thing I loathed about thieving, because it was the only thing that managed to thwart me. But not today.
"I'VE GOT YOU NOW, DAMN BRAT!" He screeched in triumph. I grinned, because I knew. I knew that today would be the day when I finally jumped the electric force field that kept me from success each night. I braced myself, readying every single muscle in my body. Forcing my legs to run faster, I darted onto the nearby tree stump, and then jumped to the lowest branch on the tree to my left. I reached with my right arm and swung myself onto the branch. I mustered all of the strength in my body, and propelled myself from the tree. This time I would make it, for sure. 
It was like flying. I soared through the air, high above the deadly wires, into the darkness of the forest. For a moment, I felt as if time had frozen. It was the most wonderful feeling. The moonlight reflected beautifully on my hair, and I absorbed the strange warmth I felt from its shadows stretching across my face. I wanted to stay there, in mid-air, forever. But I could't. I had many more treasures lying in wait for me, begging to be stolen.
I landed with a thud on the oak tree on the opposite side of the fence. I had finally done it. Taking in all of my feelings of victory at once, I screamed for all the world to hear.
"SUCKER! Phantom Thief Skye has struck again!"

So? Opinions? If you like it, I may consider posting more... ;D