Manga Update

Yay, I have ELECTRICITY!!!!! Okay, for those who know, I've been working on writing a manga, Hono no Oji. Thanks to a horrific combination of school, tennis, and Hurricane Sandy, I have been unable to work on it. TT^TT
BUT! Now that I have power, I can work on it allllll day long ^^

As you all now, drawing a manga can take a really long time. As an apology for my tardiness, I will give you a sneak peek: The official Hono no Oji: Prince of Flames blurb! This little blurb will give a little taste for what the story is about.

Sixteen year old Asher Harmon has been tormented by his dark past for eight years. Hiding his broken heart with a rotten personality, Ash secludes himself from his classmates. But when fate comes knocking at his door, will Ash open it?