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Anyway, feel free to comment, criticize my writing (and give me few tips), agree or disagree with me, and join my rants~

Made it through the first week.

=D School just recently started for me and I made it through the week with only a couple of ups and downs. I broke off a friendship with a girl named Sophia because we could never agree and I felt like she was only using me as a "friend" because no one else liked her. =

But life's good.


I love theO already~ Everyone's so friendly and welcoming. Anyway, I'm kinda bummed about school. Mine starts in late August, but I don't want the summer days to be gone yet. D= I love procrastinating with doing the summer work my teachers assigned and now I have to sit down and do it, not to mention clean my room and my desk. Plus I have those Naruto results for Quizilla...

But let's move on to a happier thing~ Shopping! It's my secret hobby. X3 I like shopping for school supplies. Weird, huh?

Hehehe~ First post.

Whoohoo~ First entry!

...I have no idea what to write about...