Welcome to my Naruto World. This is a world that is dedicated to all things Naruto. Here you will find Naruto fanfics, created by me. Someday, I might even add some videos.

I ask only two things of you as you are reading this. Please leave comments after you read them, as I like to get feedback to know what I have to improve on, what the reader likes, etc. Thank you


Focused on the Now

Focused on the Now 1 The Return Then…Flashbacks “I like…” the young, pink-haired girl’s emerald eyes darted to the indifferent hottie sitting next to her as Sakura Haruno giggled into her hands like a little kid. “...

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Heart and Soul

Chapter 1: Enter Sasuke Uchiha Sasuke’s mother walked out onto the porch to hang some clothes to dry on the rails and watched her sons Itachi and Sasuke train together in the back yard. Their father was in the study, as always. It see...

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