Welcome to my Naruto World. This is a world that is dedicated to all things Naruto. Here you will find Naruto fanfics, created by me. Someday, I might even add some videos.

I ask only two things of you as you are reading this. Please leave comments after you read them, as I like to get feedback to know what I have to improve on, what the reader likes, etc. Thank you


Thanks For The Memories

~01~ Who am I? Darkness filled the land like water in a basin as a slight breeze blew through the grass and rustled the leaves. The moon’s beauty shown like a beacon for all to see. All in all, it would seem like a quiet, peaceful nig...

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So it took me forever to figure this out! Thanks for all the help everyone!!!!
I do not own this video, I just thought it was cool and decided to share this with the rest of you!

Ok, this one was just too funny! Comment please!


Ok, how do I get video on here? I've seen other worlds have them, but I just can't seem to figure it out. Your help would be greatly appreciated! ...

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Selling Your Soul Isn’t a Good Thing! Summer was done, and school was back in session. Everyone always looked forward to seeing their friends if nothing else. Everyone enjoyed getting the latest on what everyone else did that summer. Goss...

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By Your Side

By Your Side (Kiba One-Shot) “Come on Sasuke,” Ally pleaded. “Come with me to the ramen shop, please? It could be like a date!” “No,” was his one worded answer, as usual. He tried to quicken his pace and lose her. He didn...

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