A collection of naruto character poems i've written.


Naruto wants to be hokage
and knock some sense into Sasuke.
He trains hard night and day,
this is his ninja way.
He has spiky yellow locks
and has the strength of the nine tailed fox.
To make sure the fox stays in its cage,
he’s trained by the pervy sage.

Kakashi poem


To unmask him is hell,
I tripped over my kunai and fell.
A thousand years of pain was all that I gained,
Naruto did nothing but complain.
All day he reads Jiraiya’s book, and never lets you take a look.
He looses himself on the road of life,
yet strangely he still doesn’t have a wife.
Sasuke learns his lightening blade,
this is the only jutsu kakashi has ever made.
Gai can’t stand his cool exterior,
perhaps because he feels inferior.

Gai poem

Gai wears nothing but green,
thinking women will be keen.
Oh how I loath that green spandex,
It makes me cry into my Kleenex.
His student lee dresses like him,
Right down to the knee,
But can never be as strong as Neji.
He believes in the power of youth,
And normally smiles with a twinkling tooth.