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Chapter 395 - Tobi’s Secret

Due to a new job my dad and I took on for this month as Postal Employees-ish (we're not real employees but just contractors so we won't be doing this job for more than this month -- good thing too because it's murder - I have to wake up at 3:30AM!) I haven't had much time to read any Naruto chapters or post here. I read them all up to date but may only have enough time to review the first one I read out of them (chapter 395).

So here are my words on it: (remember, spoilers to those who haven't read the manga O.O)

Tobi's Secret (Oddly enough, without realizing it, I chose to upload and display the same image as Ketwaroo @ NBST did )

Interesting, very interesting. I enjoyed this one ^^ Things are really starting to pick up pace and it's like a half shock-half not shock. I was kind of thinking Itachi would talk to Sasuke before he died but I guess he didn't since he's dead. Shock, shock, (note) Tobi has Sharingan. What ever is going to happen next ^^

Thanks just.me for commenting on my last post. As you can tell I have read the newest chapter releases. Thanks ^^ I've just discovered your comment today (sorry for not noticing sooner x.x). And yes, the chapters have answered a few of my many questions.

Until my next post! Bye, bye!!

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Chapter 394 - Sasuke's Victory

My words on it: (remember, spoilers to those who haven't read the manga O.O)

Sasuke's Victory

Wow, wasn't exactly what I expected. I guess that's what I had said last time but this time I truly mean it. Right when you think that something good is going to happen, it changes. Kishimoto-san must really enjoy confusing his readers because he's doing a good job. It switched! What happened?! Sasuke faints and it switches to a fight with Konoha shinobi and Tobi?!?! Now I bet an entire chapter will be wasted on Shino (and his creepy bugs -- although, don't get me wrong, I DO like Shino) fighting Tobi. That sucks. I mean, everyone is DYING to know if Itachi is really dead and what is going to happen to Sasuke and him. Come on Kishimoto-san!!!!

Meh. Anyway, you can find a scanlation of this chapter @ NBST = http://www.nbnakama.com/

Chapter 393 - My Eyes

My words on it: (remember, spoilers to those who haven't read the manga O.O)

My Eyes

Wow…it’s not exactly what I expected. I guess Sasuke really was all out of techniques O.O Who’da thunk? Well, psycho Itachi is somewhat out of the picture (if he’s even dead…). And after all the time and after all of the stupid betrayals and whatnot all for revenge on Itachi, Sasuke never TRULY got his revenge seeing as he was fresh out of moves. Only luck saved him…baka X_X

The question is, what in the heck is going to happen now?! Ah well, guess I gotta wait until the next chapter release (dang it all!). I just hope that an entire chapter isn’t wasted on fish dude (Kisame) and Suigetsu fighting. That would suck….

Anyway, moving on.

You can find a scanlation of this chapter @ NBST = http://www.nbnakama.com/