Well, "One Piece mania" theme did not work out at all. From Naruto couples, over Anime couples and One Piece mania to Anime Shipping chaos. I used to save the introductions but they got deleted so at least I can keep track of the titles this way.

Any anime couple, real or not is welcome here. We shall ship them all! Pokemon pun intended. :p

Now lean back, relax and enjoy the awesomeness :)


BDZ He he he

So, someone mentioned DBZ in chat before...

Well I was looking for it randomly but the first pic I found which really made me laugh was this one

External Image

Then I decided to go for a little more romantic one and found this fan art
It's really good I like it ^^

External Image



Okay.. I got totally fangirlish of this anime hehe ^^

i love this crazy almost couple! ^^

External Image

External Image

Lal Mirch & Colonnello

This pair is from the anime "Katekyo hitman Reborn". Well they arn't really a couple but they love each other spite the fact that fight when they meet. Gotta love the bitch slaps he gets. In the anime they are my favorite two love birds. lol

External Image

Yeah, it is my BG but this picture fits them. lol

List of pairings

Since I will change this world soon I decided to move the list of pairings from the intro in a post ... The world won't be a "Naruto" world world ... it's time for some changes. List of pairings and number of pictures we already have: ...

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Birthday present

sorry I haven't posted lately. School was awful towards the end of the year.
Happy birthday saku! Here's your present! :)