Merry... Something - Naruto

Merry... Something - Sasuke

"Mmmm..." Naruto mumbled as he woke up in his usual daze.

On autopilot he stood with his blanket still wrapped around him and made a pot of coffee. He then moved to the bread bin and made himself some toast. When his usual breakfast was done he turned around and headed back to the table while sipping his coffee when he noticed something odd...

There was a tree in his apartment. 'Why is there a tree in my apartment...?'

That's when it hit him like a brick wall. It was Christmas! How the hell'd he forget that? But more importantly, he had no idea where that tree came from. Still, he set down his coffee and jumped onto his couch. A couch that was occupied by Sasuke.

"Wake up, Sasuke! C'mon, wake up! It's Christmas!" Sasuke stirred a bit but didn't wake. "TEME. WAKE UP!"

Naruto could tell that Sasuke was awake but purposefully ignoring him. He sure did hate waking up in the morning. But it was Christmas and Naruto wasn't going to let his friend get away with it. So Naruto got off of Sasuke and sat on his bed. He bit his thumb and summoned one very chubby Gamatatsu.

"Narutooo, what do you waaant?" The small toad whined.

The blonde smirked. "I need you to do me a favour."

Gamatatsu seemed unsure of helping his summoner, as he always did. He stared up at Naruto with his slitted eyes and frowned. "Will there be snacks aaaaafter?"

Naruto nodded. "Plenty."

"Yaaaaaaay, I love snaaaacks!" The small toad smiled.

"Yeah, Gamatatsu, I know. Now I really need you to do this for me." Naruto tried to calm down his summon with a devious smirk on his face, excited for how things were going to play out as he leaned down and whispered his plans into Gamatatsu's ear.