hey this is a blog for naruto/naruto shippuden fans only we will talk about fav characters or different scenes of the series so lets have fun alright :3

new song

here is a song tht i love called My Momma Said by aqua hope u enjoy ^^

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smexy naruto

ive shown u pics of smexy itachi now here is my naru-kun enjoy :3

here is one i found in Deviant art
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my leaf ninja headband

i have both itachi's and naruto's headbands but im gonna show u them both hope u can see them


hello and ik my friends attended my wedding close to two years ago well this is my renewal next week i m really hoping all my friends and family on here will attend it would mean the world to have everyone i care for there with me so pls attend :3

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ok this is for all sasuke fangirls save if u want but enjoy X3