hey this is a blog for naruto/naruto shippuden fans only we will talk about fav characters or different scenes of the series so lets have fun alright :3


i was looking though narusaku pics and saw this one of them in a church getting married and got me thinking of when tht will happen to me ^^

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wont be on

on july 4 i wont be on cus spending the day with my bf so i will see u all the day after tht ^^

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naru avatar

smexy naruto :3


this is just a random post but friends worry for thier friends cus we dont want to see anyone get hurt but when friends dont say wht is wrong and keep it to themselves they only hurt themselves by not asking for help

its ok to ask for help dont matter wht the situation is its always a good thing u have ppl u can count on and go to with a problem so i hope all ppl who r friends in the world heed my words cus there is always someone willing to help no matter wht it is

old fashioned animes

ok for all sailor moon fans u remember these original openings