hey this is a blog for naruto/naruto shippuden fans only we will talk about fav characters or different scenes of the series so lets have fun alright :3

Itachi avi

here is an avatar of my fav akatsuki memeber itachi uchiha

deidara's initiation

every wondered how dei dei got into akatsuki well its something itachi wishes to forget


ok some friends of mine told me once to open my own dojo and well i opened it after all and some pics below r wht i wish it looked like

External Image
thts the exterior

and here is the seating area
External Image

and finally the training area
External Image
External Image
External Image

hehe reason

here is a narusaku with the song i previously posted im prob repeating myself but oh well ^^

External Image

the reason

hey fans ;3 this is a vid of one of my fav bands hoobastank hope u like it :3