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Welcome to the dark side! Oh wait. . . No but welcome! Here I post pretty much everything inuyasha but mostly naraku!

SS Icons

Here we are!! I made them

http://s341.photobucket.com/user/bunnyboof/library/?view=recent&page=1 for
BabyD hope you enjoy!

Here is a weird thought

Though Kanna and Kagrua are Narakus incarnation, he created them....therefore he also is their father? That is a question i have though about for a while??

Voteing time!

Guys i want an to see who like who form inuyasha of the list below post who is your favorite then i will count them up and update this post!


Now lets see

Naraku Quotes

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Here are some quotes i found out of boardness
I am not going to kill you - I am going to brake you.

I have often heard you humans refer to this as fate or destiny. Only the weak utter such nonsense. It is different for the truly powerful: they create this so-called destiny with their own hands.

Kikyo could not understand. Instead of choosing death she should have clung on to her life and used the Sacred Jewel. Had she pleaded for her life...her wretched wish would heve been easily granted and she would have understood the ultimate truth of darkness. Such a foolish woman. The Sacred Jewel grows even more beautiful when it is tainted.


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well inuyasha you have found a friend? XD i found this on Google and couldn't help but share it this is funny!