Japan ^3^

Hey everyone! How ya doing?

I just wanted to share some very exciting news with you all.
My mother, for a graduation gift in the summer, is going to take Nell and I to JAPAN! JAPAAAAANNN!!!!! Omg THIS trip alone was been my life long dream since I was a kid. And not only are we going to stay in Japan for a few days, we're going to... DISNEY LAND!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!! *A*
AND possibly a Hot Springs! :DD

I'm soo very excited! I've never been to either places.
All I have to do s be on my grind with school work and grades :)
Isn't that awesome?!

Oh boy oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
Btw, I've enjoyed reading many of you guys' post in PGR and in personal worlds.
If you see me commenting on a old post, please don't mind me.
Also remember, even though I do not comment, it doesn't mean I haven't read your post ^_^

I hope everyone had a great and productive day!

<3 Nae loves you!