Hey, man! Welcome to my personal blog. Go ahead and read! I don't bite... hard. ;D

♥ Name: Jenaé
♥ Nickname: Naé-chan (or just Nae) Naomi-chan, & Lilly
♥ Age: 19
♥ Birthday: January 13th
♥ Gender: Female
♥ I'm quite friendly!

DeviantART #2
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Encounter.. chapter One & Two .


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Purpose lost.. Possible New Gijinka

I remember when I use to come on theO for everything. I was apart of a lot of clubs, drew like 10 picture a day, updated everyday... etc. I use to have a fan-fiction story, made comics, be apart of like 5 clubs, I once made a Tokyo M...

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Misunderstandings are the Devil

Can we all agree that misunderstanding are the worst? Yeah, I hate them. Which is why I ask questions to make sure I understand EVERYTHING I need to understand. What really grind my gears is when someone misunderstands my intentions, ...

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Judging a book by its cover (With doodle! X3)

I realized that I've been going crazy with piercing and tattoos. This summer alone, I managed to get two more tattoos and 4 more piercings. In all I got 8 piercings, and 3 tattoos. Now I just look REALLY punk-ish! Conside...

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Chillday Sunday

Sundays are ALWAYS my chill days :3 I'm just gonna doodle, postmy doodles, study later on, and be LAZY :D Yup Yup! WHO'S WITH ME! XD <3 Nae ...

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Sketch Worldie?

I think I'm about to create a sketch worldie. Eneko-chan has one and I think it's a great idea! Cause I've been drawing so much.. and I doubt most of the things I drew will be submitted anyway. Might as well. ^__^ *goes of...

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