Hey, man! Welcome to my personal blog!

♥ Name: Jenaé
♥ Nickname: Naé-chan (or just Nae) Naomi-chan, & Lilly
♥ Age: 21
♥ Birthday: January 13th
♥ Gender: Female
♥ I'm quite friendly!

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Gaia! :D
Encounter.. chapter One & Two .


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Gaia!!! X3

I just join Gaia online and boy am I lost! Please if you're on Gaia help me out here! My name is Miwa Natsuko on there.

How did my day went? Terrible. Thanks for asking! Don't really feel like explaining what happened. Oyasumi!

Thanks for reading.
♥ Nae

Accomplished... Sorta

I feel so accomplished. This is becaus last nght, I stayed up until 6:00 in the mornin to create the first 7 pages of the remake of "A Promise Worth Keeping". Boy was I tired! So I woke up like just 40 min ago! My back hurts too but I'm not sweating it. But the one thing I didn't do for the comic is remake the cover. How did I forget to do that??? Sigh.. I'll get right on it! It should take me a gooooood minute...

I still have to do many things... well wish me good luck with completing them all!

Thanks for reading!
♥ Nae ♥

The Jenae Show ep. 4: SOUNDTRACK SATURDAY!!

Lolsz I did this today. It was sooo funny! Well every Saturday... well I explain it in the video... Well Enjoy!!

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Oh em gee!! A New Show and it's Mine!!

YAAAY!! I'm broadcasting this show on myspace and youtube every week called "The Jenae Show"! It's sooo fun making it! The star of the show is me, Jenae! Of course lolsz. So this one is what I made today. I hope you enjoy. It's episode 3. Check out episode 1 & 2 when ya done and COMMENT!!!! PLEASE!!



... Ba- Dump... Ba- Dump... badumpbadumpbadump!!!! "<3"

My hearts beating fast and I'm breathing very hardly... I read her myspace status.. Tell me. What does this mean? ...

Romona: y am i in dhiz horiible situation?? idk wat im gOnna dO. eiTha wAy sumBodiiz heart isz gOnna b crushed.. uGh. dhiz iz nOt how i plANned it 2 be. Mood: y me? y now