Hey, man! Welcome to my personal blog!

♥ Name: Jenaé
♥ Nickname: Naé-chan (or just Nae) Naomi-chan, & Lilly
♥ Age: 21
♥ Birthday: January 13th
♥ Gender: Female
♥ I'm quite friendly!

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The Jenae Show ep. 4: SOUNDTRACK SATURDAY!!

Lolsz I did this today. It was sooo funny! Well every Saturday... well I explain it in the video... Well Enjoy!!

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Oh em gee!! A New Show and it's Mine!!

YAAAY!! I'm broadcasting this show on myspace and youtube every week called "The Jenae Show"! It's sooo fun making it! The star of the show is me, Jenae! Of course lolsz. So this one is what I made today. I hope you enjoy. It's episode 3. Check out episode 1 & 2 when ya done and COMMENT!!!! PLEASE!!



... Ba- Dump... Ba- Dump... badumpbadumpbadump!!!! "<3"

My hearts beating fast and I'm breathing very hardly... I read her myspace status.. Tell me. What does this mean? ...

Romona: y am i in dhiz horiible situation?? idk wat im gOnna dO. eiTha wAy sumBodiiz heart isz gOnna b crushed.. uGh. dhiz iz nOt how i plANned it 2 be. Mood: y me? y now


What's going on with this computer?/ Remake

For some strange reason my computer won't let me upload any art work. What's going on man? I'll just try tommorrow, I guess. I mean I was doing a lot of work lately and I was trying to clear my to-do list. I'm finished with 4 pictures and working on coloring 2 more.

Oh! and guess what? I'm going to remake my comic "A Promise Worth Keeping". I mean I just don't like the format in that comic. Plus don't you think the main character Namanae looks kinda freaky? Well I do. I mean I wanted to go with something different with the looks but I think I took it too far. The look does even match her personality anyway. And her uniform on the authors note is... kinda boring. Again, I was trying to go with something different. But I didn't mean for it to look boring! So, I'm changing Namanae's name to Namine (same sound different spelling), I'm changing the uniform to a more cuter style, I'm changing the school's name from Leaf Tree High to Peach Tree High (I like peach tree better!), and I'm changing Akito's hairstyle. So please look out for the Remake and I might even delete the original. Should I? What do you think?

Yeah and if your wondering about how I'm feeling and if I found my Ipod, I didn't find it and I'm feeling better. I'm still on the search though. Somehow I feel I'm going to get it back, even though it's not really possible. Well I'm off! Ja Ne and Oyasumi!

Thanks for reading!
♥ Naé

Oh em Gee!!! What a stupid day!


Okay. Now let me tell you what happened.

I started off my day pretty badly because this morning I was trying to find my I-Pod i yesterday because my twin used it and misplaced it. And I can't live without my music so I got pretty angry when she decided not to help me look when she's the one who used it last in the first place! So I end up finding it and left the house with her to go to school. I was still mad at her and she wanted to speak to me. I was like "NO! HOW YOU GONNA LOSE MY IPOD, DON'T EVEN HELP ME LOOK FOR IT, THEN TRY TO TALK TO ME?!? SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" I was pretty pissed cause she does this ALL the time. So she walks up and leaves me which got me more upset because she knows that's she's not suppose to leave me and go ahead to school without me with her. I mean people these days are crazy. Especially where I live. So I trip while walking and twisted my ankle. Perfect...

Then I got to school, by myself, limping by the way, after some boy called out to me trying to get my info (pervs... -_-*). I get inside and called my sis a bitch and told her I fell when she was suppose to be there. (It's not that I'm mean, it's just that she knows how I get sometimes and she continue to piss me off... like really) She was like she didn't care continued talking to her friend. So I stormed off...

At 8th period, final period off the day, my friend asked for my Ipod and I was like sure! (I'm cooled down) so I reach into my book bag and search for it and... it wasn't there! I doubled checked then I started breathing hard and tears flowed out of my eyes. If you was looking at me you would think I was having a heart-attack. Actually I was. My friends were all like "Jenaé don't cry!" and "Oh no! Some one stole it!". Oh em gee!!! SOME ONE STOLE MY I-POD!! What the fudge!!! Who would do such a thing to me, one of the most nicest people (not to my twin) that you'll ever know?!? And more inportantly... WHO THE HELL WOULD DIG THEIR OWN GRAVE MY STEALING ONE OF MY MOST PRECIOUS BELONGINGS?!? I might be nice and caring at times but mess with me and I WILL go off like a ticking bomb!!! I've never been so mad in my life! I hate my school! 2 ipods were stolen today. I felt sooo angry and sad. I eyes are so puffy from crying all day and I have a head ache.

The only person that was keeping me from violence with random people was my girlfriend. She made me cheerful again but then she came and got mad at this other girl that I use to like. OH EM GEE!!!! ... wish me luck on finding the thief tommorrow guys!!!

*Sigh* ... school sucks...