More strange pictures... O.o and things You wouldn't believe...

Well here's another addition of my strange pics... enjoy or be disturbed.

Captain Hitsugaya:
External Image
What in the world did you do?

Mr. Kisuke Urahara [+ Miss Yoruichi]:
External Image
Nice style....

Lt. Renji Abarai and Lt. Shuuhei Hisagi[+Random Human Soul]
External Image
-shakes head- Such odd behavior...

Mr. Isshin Kurosaki[featuring his daughters Karin and Yazu]
External Image
Yazu-chan and Karin-chan have the right idea...

Lt. Rangiku Matsumoto
External Image
Maybe you should slow down on the drinks Ran-chan.

Captain Soifon
External Image
That's not weird at all. o.o'

3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame
External Image
Trying out to be Joker Madarame?

Well that's all for now while I finish what I'm working on.