I must apologize for not being here in quite so long. *sighs* So many things have gotten in the way and for that I am deeply sorry. It is my hope to return full time soon. Until then I beg your forgiveness even though I know I do not truly deserve it. ~Nanao

D: Oh man...

*bows appollogetically*
I'm sooo sorry. It seems that I am still running way behind. My main priority at the moment is the banner that I promised to V-san. Then I shall get back to the original pictures that were promised. Again I am very truly sorry.


V-san if you could pm me with anything you might like me to put into the banner I am open to an ideas.

-.- Sorry. (Please Read)

Wow I just realized how behind I am on my Wallies I was making of everyone. I really need to get back to work on them. Yoruichi-sama is next along with Orihime and Ishida. I will have them up soon... Promise. Oh and I'm also working on that banner I promised...


Edits coming soon!!!

Finally!!! My editing app is back up and running perfectly so, I think I'll edit some new pictures based on the subjects personality... or some such non-sense. Anyway, sorry for not being here so often but I'll be updating again soon...
First up: Ulquiorra
Then: Captain Hitsugaya

Later: Kurosaki-san
Then: Jinta-san
Next: Hinamori-san
Then: Head-Captain Yamamoto
After That: Captain Zaraki and Lt Kusajishi

Ok... so I'm now in the process of figuring out who is next. It might go something like this... but don't hold me to this order.
1: Urahara-sama
2: Yoruichi
3: Orihime
4: Ishida


Concerning Contest Prizes -.-

Alrighty then... I kind of have to make some changes in my contest prizes. I know I promised a chibi fanart for the top 2, but currently my scanner is broken so I will give the top 2 winners a wallie instead of the fanart. I hope this is alright with the three of you. If you have any problems or concerns please let me know.