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No Adventure today. Misplaced the pictures and I'm just not feeling the creativity flow. Later maybe.

So last post I mentioned reviews. I'm two episodes into the shows I have currently chosen to follow. I'll start with the borderline drops.

First is Sanzoku no Musume Ronja:
It is a Ghibli and Goro Miyazaki. The first two episodes were merged into one and mainly focused on Ronja's birth. The problem is, it just didn't get me like other Ghibli productions have. The music is lack luster and while the Background art is spatacular, the character models and all other interactive points in any scene are bring me to think of video games with 3d cell shaded art. Lost is the warm character feel of their films to this glossy yet flatish character art. I can't really say much on the story as Ronja was just released into the forest at the end of ep2. I'll take another crack with ep3 and see where I lie with the whole thing.

Second is Amagi Brilliant Park:
The last Kyoto Animation show I watched was the second season of Chyuunibyu. Love that series.
This one seems to be taking a very serious start peppered with some bits of humor. The animation quality is what you'd expect of KyoAni and the acting is with it. As for the story... Fairies are real, magic is real and amusement parks are centers for them. Amagi Brilliant Park is dying, and the main guy is more or less forcefully scouted to do something about it.
Maybe I'm being cynical about it, but the offset of the humor and the main drama focus feels off. The story itself doesn't really draw me and I've been hoping that the characters would keep me. I just don't know. The main character is kinda a dick, the main gal is kinda a dick, the main supporting guy, kinda a dick. Or at least that's how I see them. I'm hoping there is something underneath that will come out. I'll check back with my eval after ep4

Now the main stays:
Gugure! Kokkuri-san and Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de make up my main comedy for the season.

reminds me of Potemayo in it's execution and humor. The main girl is an oddball, but likeable. Kokkuri is a bit of an extremist but he plays well of of the girl. There is small bits of heart that I kinda like, but you can be sure that a punchline is ot too far away. Both episodes had me laughing so as long as it can keep pace nd vary itself, it should be a solid comedy for me.

Inou-Battle is when chyuunibyu stops being some dudes fantasy and becomes real. The high school romcom, possible harem but the main guy is the only one that still suffers from delusions even though bits are now real. Still, the guy doesn't seem to be a complete idiot going by a serious scene near the end of ep2, so there is hope that things will be different from other of similar nature. It didn't have me laughing as much as kokkuri but it fills my laugh quota for the season just fine.

Next is Chaika Avenging Battle and Parasyte which make up my action for the season.

I really enjoyed the first season of Chaika and this season gets of on a good start. Granted it doesn't back pedal whatsoever so if you haven't seen the first season, you might just be lost. The characters are as strong as the first season and given these episodes I can see possibilities of some good dynamics and plot direction. The world is solid and well structured, and with some of the reveals that started out this season, I might have an idea as to what might be a big plot point later.

Parasyte is probably the strongest show of the season. The animation is beautiful and fluid, the acting is spot on and the story works for me on all levels. Themain character is forced to coexist with a parasite that ate his right hand. The thing was going after his brain but he freaked when he saw it just about cut off fir arm to stop it. The guy's change it really nice to watch. I wonder sometimes if his change is just a reaction to this new situation or a side effect of the parasite. By the end of ep2 he is almost a completely different person than at the beginning of the series. I can't wait to see how this effects his relationships with his friends and family.
The action is gory and a pleasure to watch. And there were some funny moments between the parasite and its host.

Now for another magical girl series.

Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Ar is by the studio that did A-Channel, Kin-iro Mosaic, Saki, Koe de Oshigoto! to name a few. So I am treading lightly here.
having said that, these first two episodes have me waiting for the next.
In this version of Japan, everyone seems to be worshiping a single deity and this deity
seems to have major influence on the people, like the dude is real. Now there are many potential magical girl teams out there but for this series Yuki Yuna's chosen. Known as the Hero's club, a club that focuses on community service and whatnot, the real purpose is to bring together potential fighters.
The two battles are really nice to watch and the girls magical side puts me in the mind of Lyrical Nanoha with the costume and weapon style. I'll probably post pics next time. The enemies aren't like those in Precure or Sailor moon, or even Madoka Magica. They are almost alien in nature. Huge monstrosities that work together to destroy the deity.
The girls are likeable and seem to have flaws so that they aren't just goody girls fighting for love and peace. Still, I'm sure love and peace is there, it's magical girl after all. There might be a darker side to all this, but it's hard to tell. I worry that the studio might be trying to pull their own Madoka Magica. As long as they at least keep up action and not stray to far from the current course, I might end up buying whatever release that might happen.

Till next time.
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