Of Life, Love and the Journey to Maturity

At this point, with only two episodes left on a release schedule of uncertainty, Madoka Magica stands as a show that, regardless of how it ends, I will have no regrets with. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!


Within a black and white world of surreal proportions, a girl runs with purpose. Stark shadows, high ceilings, the offset of Ume’s character art, it was a sight to behold. Then the lone girl charges through the marked exit of this surreal world and into a decrepit world. A city in ruin, a massive being in the shadows of the sky looming over it. In kicks a song that matches the scene. And in the midst of all this, one girl is fighting what seems a losing battle.

“You can change this fate. Stop this from coming to be. All you have to do is make a contract with me and become a magical girl.”

Words such as these flow from the ever smiling mouth of a cute little creature. The young witness of the battle finds herself torn. What should she do? Take the creature at its offer, or watch the girl die.


A dream. Our young witness, Madoka, wakes to a life like you find in your typical magical girl show, pulling a bit from SHAFT’s Nanoha days with the ferret in trouble and telepathy thing. A happy family of a working mother and stay-at-home father and a little brother with energy. Innocent young girl Madoka lays down her everyday to her mother in a wonderful, semi-futuristic bathroom: a love struck ditzy teacher, a beautiful friend who gets love letters, shyness at being told she has a secret fan club. For being SHAFT I thought this was unusual. The scenes were to typical. Granted the scenery was spot on and a joy to look at.

Next comes the “mysterious transfer girl.” The smart, talented beauty who has an eye for our title namesake. And this is where at least I saw something in the shadows. Our MFG, Homura, is the girl from the dream (yeah, saw that coming too). Even with this non-revelation, Homura had something. A disdain for Madoka. One that made it seem that she’s known Madoka for ages. And, as a result, our innocent little namesake is timid around our MFG. All the while the ever smiling “ferret” looms in the shadows.

The day moves on in typical fashion and we finally reach the real world meeting between our namesake and cute mascot. One that is brought about by the fact that our MFG Homura is trying to kill the mascot.
Kay, so color me intrigued.

Then comes the witch world of psychedelic, The Wall, LSD proportions. And with it a properly done magical transformation and a kickass killshot.
All I could think was, “Whens the next episode?”