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I finally got up the next installment to my character's adventure. Check it out.

Work has been hell. Everyday till today has started nice, but as the day goes on, it becomes apparent that the day will be hella long. I've already reached 40 hrs and I go in tonight for two night shifts. I sleep in an hour.

Another note, I've found that most frozen pizza tastes the same. I've had three this week and they were all different brands and all tasted so similar. So weird.

At some point I need to update my book list but I am too tired to do so right now.

Hope all your days have been good to ya.

Stay on target

New world

So I've finally got things sorted out at home and should be back for some time. And to start off new I've created a new world chronicling my character's adventure in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

I played the game awhile back but my computer at the time went byebye and I never finished. So I decided to restart and have fun with it. And also to stimulate my creative braincells.

So check it out and hopefully enjoy.

Dead angels speak to me, giving me advice that I should hear.

The truth you can't handle

In case you've forgotten how...


A cold wind whips about me like a cyclone. It wasn’t a natural cold but one of a far reaching darkness. The kind of darkness known only by the dead. The city is enshrouded by clouds of a miasma that will devour any light that strays too close. The air is filled with a low, eternally forgotten chant that resonates with my very soul. Beside me, my puppet of a girl wavers on the glass roof of the hotel. She really isn’t needed any more but I keep her close all the same.

I glare with the intensity of a hundred suns at the girl across to roof. She stands on the glass with all the ease and care of a feather; her hands are outstretched in what I can only assume is a plea. She takes no notice of the wind or the chanting, her whole focus is on me. She doesn’t like what I am doing. I don’t care. Why would I ever care about what this girl like? She took everything from me. I was so close to having everything that I was born to have but she took it all and now she wants to take what little I have left.

The wind around me condenses and I send a shock-wave at her. The blast strikes a barrier and quickly dissipates as the glass around us cracks. Damn her. As I prepare my next attack a new sound fills the air. Spotlights illuminate both of us in stark white streams. The helicopters fight the dense wind while gunmen prepare to shoot. I focus my power and send a bolt of energy at one of the helicopters, sending it spiraling down.

The girl reacts fast sending out ribbons of light that catch the plummeting copter. A bridge extends out to the roof of a near by building so the occupants can exit. The girl yells something at me but I ignore her, preparing another attack.

Suddenly the roof quaked and the glass shatters like falling sand. My puppet falls through and is barely caught by an air cushion that her friend had most likely sent. I am barely hanging onto one of the joints. I grip the joint and use all my strength to shoot myself into the air. I will not be stopped.

All in a nights sleep

There's two of them

Are you going to make biscuits?