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Flash, Ahah

Newest adventure post. It's all about revenge, it will be a three parter if my pic count is right.

As for the rest of the week, I've started a new recipe experiment. This time it is not food, but drink. I love good, authentic Mexican food, and so does my sister. One thing we both have a love for is horchata. Now, with many chains and restaurants the best anyone can expect is mainly the mass production or instant variety. Mainly because making the drink from scratch takes time, like at least 8 hours of wait time, time. The basics of horchata is soaking white rice and cinnamon, straining the warter and then adding milk or vanilla or both. The thing of it is, like many foods, it's all about what that region/family has done for ages. Some will also soak almonds with the rice, some use brown rice, some add lime, the soak time changes, whether you pulse the mixture in a blender before you strain or before you soak or pulse at all. The type of cinnamon, the type of vanilla. How much sugar.

It's all so variable. But I will continue on experimenting till I find something that I think my sister will like. Granted I have only till August when she comes back on break from culinary school. No pressure. XD

And to continue a thought I started with the last post.

I had commented that Cure Rosetta had a pretty gangsta hand sign. I may have been wrong.

It would seem Cure Diamond is the most gangsta of them all. I mean she's Cure F-ing Diamond.

Gotta give the girl props, ya know.

Sparkle! Twinkle Diamond

Four on the floor

So I've been away for a bit. Life has been a bit hard after the move but it was unrelated to the move. At this point it has leveled off to manageable bits and I have finally been able to breath.

As such I finally go around to writing the nest installment of Lythria's adventure.
Look forward to the next chapter as it starts a mini arc that I've had set up since before I started the Mage's guild in the game.

As far as what I've been doing apart from getting violated by life, I've been indulging my growing fandom of the Precure franchise.


It started with Heartcatch, I missed DokiDoki, and have now finally gone back to the first series. And, yes, I am watching the current one, Happiness Charge. My new avi is Cure Lemonade from Yes! Precure 5. It is a total guilty pleasure that will continue as long as they make Precure series. I still have some of the older series to watch, Fresh and Splash Star. I've got my days covered for a while.

Now lets hope that the new Sailor Moon is good. Ah, the nostalgia. My magical girl quota is more than met.

Happy 4th of July to those who read this on this day.

Precure Marble Screw!

Heaven's meme pad

Give a random comment and I will reply with...

1. A special memory of our friendship
2. A nickname I’ve created/use for you
3. A colour you remind me of
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7. A number that I think represents you
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9. I will ask you to answer a question!
10. Please post this in your world too and make someone else feel loved!

I just redid my OS so things are still getting done, I will reply when able.

Flat panel and yet still full bodied

From the deli

External Image

To wet all tastebuds and to make you wish you had the fixin's now. The ultimate sandwich.


I want to have babies with this sandwich. Grow old with it and morn it's passing.

Food pron at its best

Settling the score

Finished most of the moving. Granted now I've got some time before this new place feels even close to being like home. For some I know, that happens fast, but for me, not so much. Maybe I'm picky after having moved around so much with the military...

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