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Been a long time otaku (if you use that word in a nice way), traveled to many exotic places, been shot at in at least two, and have a habit of writing short stories to pass the time.

Hang around a bit, you might find something you like.

For fun and gaming in one, try my Elder Scrolls: Oblivion adventure logs.


Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.

Enjoy your food and family.

Drink to our brothers who are never to fall

The Life of Brine

Finally back in some semblance of action. The Adventure continues. So, life has been kicking me ass lately, but mostly with work and...

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Dig Dug

No Adventure today. Misplaced the pictures and I'm just not feeling the creativity flow. Later maybe. So last post I mentioned reviews. I'm two episodes into the shows I have currently chosen to follow. I'll start with the borderline drops....

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Dark Ages

The adventure continues! Kudos to whoever gets the title reference. Lately technology has hated me. First, for most of last week the cell towe...

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What has been seen...

As always, to start: Newest adventure log. Now to life matters. Been busy with work, they seem to like to make me work weekends which is also usually ...

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