Communication Breakdown


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There's no contest as to who is the coolest.

Here I am, in the Imperial City and not on my way to kill someone. It true, really. Every other time I've been here it's been for "work" and so I never really stuck around to shop or sight see. Now that I am an official Mage's Guild member, I can be here all I want.

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No question as to who is the hottest.

This city is big and full of stuff that might actually matter now that I have a legitimate (read: legal) job. And once I finish what ever it is they will make me do for initiation, I'll be coming back a lot. From what I'm told the University is off limits to all but those initiated and that they have a library of untold size. I'm sure I could easily find some very interesting spells in some of those books.

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Before me is either tragedy or fame.

I can't help thinking about what the old hag said about my future. I joined the Brotherhood out of need and curiosity and rose to the top on a pile of dead bodies. Now, I've joined the Mage's Guild out of curiosity and a need for a legitimate front to give to people. What if, this venture tooo will end with a pile of bodies and a rise to the top? Is that an outcome I really desire?

Whatever the final case may be, I will at least try it out. It's better than sitting around doing nothing while waiting for the next set of jobs from the Night Mother. I'm sure she'll understand.

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No poo.

So, I don't really trust this guy. I can't put my finger on it. There's just something about how he smells. Till I know more and have a better position, I'll have to deal with it, but I'm gonna have to watch my back.