Eternal Mumble


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Should I be worried?

This is it, the last branch. After this I will finally be able to go to the University. This had better be worth it in the end. I mean now I have to deal with a scizoid who hears voices that might be future fragments and she needs an amulet that was stolen just so that she can be half sane.

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No, not creepy at all.

I had to ask the hag's personal assistant what the hell it meant cause, well, duh. The gal figured that it had to have been the location of where the amulet currently is. We spent an hour or so just looking at a map the guild had of known fortress ruins. One had the word dragon in the name and was once used in some war of something or other. I'm not a history buff given my sheltered past and I don't really have a desire to become one now.

Though, thinking about it, the whole thing with the emperor is history heavy. Granted, I'm only doing that stuff because I know that if I don't the whole of the Imperial government and the Cloud Knights would mark me as number one most wanted. That's the last thing I need.

Anyway, Midnight was feeling generous and finally let me ride her again, so I was able to get to the fort in a reasonable amount of time. Like most ruins, this place has become a home to numerous groups of bandits and cults. Good thing I had an advantage.

The Brotherhood is never really talked about but known by most, especially those who like to do bad things. Those types of people tend to be weary of assassins. So, they like to treat us nice and with respect so that they feel safer for some reason. And given my sudden rise to Cyrodiil Listener, they were really nice to me.

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Chatty Cathy.

My guide through the maze of rooms and corridors must have been a newbie cause he just wouldn't shut up. It's nice not having to fight my way through hordes of people but I could do without the constant soundtrack as well. Somewhere in the noise I vaguely picked up that the guy I'm looking for might have come here a few days ago. Since then they haven't heard even a squeak from the rat. I got my work cut out for me.