Under Seige


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Guessed it!

So, yeah. First they send me into the hell world and now they want me to go into the city. Granted, I do have to go in there since the dude I'm looking for is in there. Still, they probably think that I'm some super girl for closing the Oblivion gate. My enchanted armor is still working and will probably continue to as long as I don't remove the shield. It's definitely better than any armor the guards could provide me.

We spent about an hour going over the plan. First we'd reach the church (where the dude probably is) and get the last of the living people out of the city. Then we'd take on the second half of the city trying to get to the castle gate. If it is closed, a team will defend while another team uses the sewers to get to the gate opener thingy. Once in the castle, the priority is to get to the Count. If he is dead, retrieve his family ring and get out.

When we breached the city gates, the rain was still falling.

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Get pumped up!

Everything went as planned to the church. There were demon creatures everywhere and I hung back some, still worn out from the whole closing hell gate thing. The Captain of the force was surprisingly good. He took some hits but gave better than he got and in the end we only lost one of the initial breach team.

I thought I saw the dude I was looking for when we were evacuating the church but had little time to confirm it. Once everyone was out and only one priest like dude remained, we started the second leg of the battle.

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I know I should be sad for them but...

Even with the reinforcements we were hit hard, losing almost half our force. Even my armor was showing signs of degrade and damage. But I didn't have much time to think or to worry. The gate was closed and I had to lead the team to open it. The sewers were full of animated skeletons and ghosts. A pain to deal with but my blade was designed for such occasions. So it was that when we finally left the sewers I was covered in crap and ectoplasm.

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Burn, baby, burn! Disco Inferno!

The castle was lost and very few of us remained. I went alone to find the Count. I could survive, even if I was hella tired. As expected, the castle was over run by fire spirits and the like. My magic was useless, being fire based and all, so it was up to my now well worn blade to get me through. I knew the Count was already dead so I took my time to get there pilfering what I could. Whether you think that is wrong, I don't really care. I see it as payment for this damned day.

I found the Count's body in his chamber and pried the ring from his scorched finger. The trip back to the entrance was easy, seeing as all the enemies were dead. The few knights that lined the path gave solemn nods to me as I passed. They knew. The captain waited at the entrance, his armor removed and blade at rest.

I usually am not one for ceremony but at that moment I felt something deep inside that I'd never felt before. And because of that something, I gave a small speech about the soldiers that were lost and the Count who was a respectful man who fought to the last. Granted, the man probably died in a cry of fear and anguish, but I surprisingly didn't say that. I then handed over the ring to the Captain and gave a cry of rally for Kavatch.

It was so unlike me.

The captain then spoke to me of his life and how, now that this has happened, he wishes to distance himself from this live of battle. I held back the urge to call him a coward. Instead I shook his hand and gave a rally cry for him. What the hell is with me?

With the city clear of demon control, all that was left was to wait for the fires to go out and to begin the rebuild. My unwanted job was over. Now all I had to do was get the dude to the monk and then that unwanted job would hopefully be over as well.

I so wish I could buy a drink.

To Be Continue...