Our tale starts one fine weekend day.

The sun light, after fighting its way across the vastness of space, through the Earth’s magnetic field, and dodging the clouds of a partly cloudy sky, lit my dreary, tired face with apathetic warmth. I was very distraught over my supreme lack of boredom relieving activities and was currently in search of epic LOLZ. My journey took me from the depths of rule 34 land to the rocky chan range to the realm of fanficdom. It is very well understood that this journey was not at all enlightening or enjoyable.

Then the storms cleared and my shallowed ship of anonymous ran aground in the Land of Smiles. It was a land of scary things. A land that read like Japanese- which I so can’t read. I staggered, crawled, babeled, and flew blindly. I thought I there’d be no exit, that this land had no borders. There were the meme raiders, the webcam whores, the complete WTF white wash. I was panicking, jumping randomly from place to place.

Then the path started to clear and in the distance, high atop a weed covered hill, stood a striking silhouette in the approaching twilight. Her almost body length hair, tied in pigtails, whipped in the breeze. Its greenish-blue hue blended smoothly with the sky. As I got closer I could make out the outline of her head set. Its digital lights shown dimly through her hair. On her sleeves were the LEDs of readouts and inputs. She was a Goddess, she had to be. I knew at that moment that I would make her mine, what ever it took.

Over the next few days I searched high and low for the identity of the Goddess. Weathered the R34 riots, the pool AIDS onslaught, the memes (OMG the memes), and ate way too much Negi Ramen.

And soon arrived at the concert hall which the Goddess frequents in our humble internets. She was new, bold, original (in her own way), and gave me a new out look at music. There was a whole religion called Miku Miku Dance that gave us control of this Vocaloid Goddess.

So I spend days making the pilgrimage across the English land of smiles where I saw and hear more than I ever thought I would. And now I am at a very comfortable spot in my relationship with the Goddess. We spend time when I’m lonely, she sings when I need emotions. It is more than love, more than admiration, it is beyond all description.

And so it was that I met one Hatsune Miku.