Welcome to my 3rd World.

This place is mostly all to of what I have set for my list of artworks that will TAUNT me until I get to them. XD

Also in here, it's like a small journal that you are welcomed to read if I ever feeling like posting something.

And don't forget. I'm sharing my account with my boyfriend, Ike-kun. <3

Ike: Great honor to meet you all.

Other than that, all are welcome. ^^

Ike&Nade: Avi above is win. ^_^

Other links to me:
My DeviantArt - http://smartanimegirl.deviantart.com/
My YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/smartanimegirl

Otaku Eternal?

Okay, honestly speaking you guys, I actually come back to TheOtaku now and then only because I don't know if most of you have a DeviantArt account.

Also because even if you do have a DA account, you would mostly post your works up here instead.

Plus, I can easily keep track of any manga updates compared to DA.

So, just to show that I'm not really all that gone.
I'll still be around, but I'll probably be just pretty "silent."


As with other news, I log in today learning that I have been promoted to "Otaku Eternal."

All I can say is, "WOW. REALLY? O_o I thought the highest title was 'Otaku Legend.'"
Apparently I thought wrong.

I guess I'm happy that I didn't really leave this account at all. xD
That's pretty interesting.

NOTE:// This is also like a lovely early b-day present from TheO. xD


I had 48, then I find I have 51.
Come another day, I have 50.

What does it matter? I hardly come here anymore! :D

I Want Out

Some of you may have wondered about my last post about why I seem to be feeling down.
Well...now I'll tell you. As honest as I'll ever be.

I really want out of my life.
I'm really hating it so much.
Especially from all the stress I'm dealing with right now...

I feel that my heart has become weak and fragile from the past incidents among family and friends.
That "stab in the heart" saying really does pack a huge punch on me now.
It feels like a major throb, then a stab, and it breaking apart.
Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I wonder..."Why could I not die in my sleep? My heart feels extremely heavy. I refuse to accept this... Let me stay asleep, forever..."

(DON'T WORRY. My relationship with Ike-kun is still strong. He's the only one, along with few other, you can heal it.)

I know, I must sound like a spoiled brat, don't I?
Well, that's just one thing I hate about myself that I want out, too...

No More...

That's it...

I'm through with it...

I'm done...

...Good bye.

Look Who's Back

Well, kind of.
I'm returning to TheO, but I'll probably not be as active as I used to before then.
Artworks from me will be coming in really slow now since I've got lots to do over here.

So, yeah. I'll be around now.
Favoring and "hugging," but probably not commenting as much as I used to anymore.