*super pokes you in the eye* welcome to my world were anything I do can happen so enjoy your self and be as insane as you can without hurting your self (or others) free thought is allowed so have fun

things about me: random/funny(at least tries to be)/like food(I'm not fat just have kinda have a gut lol but skinny arms and legs lol)/want to goto Japan

type of anime/movies: comedy/action/suspense/horror

favorite anime/manga(for now): pani poni dash/trigun/xxx holic/nerima daikon brothers/hellsing/zoids zero/Megas XLR/yotsuba/club to death angel/Ghost in the Shell/


well i know i've been away for a very long time but i'm here for a little bit to let you all know i have a site for this world the link is nabgetsworld.ning.com

it's where i'll be posting well just about any thing just like here but with more control....any of you are welcome to join me over there but do know that it's just starting and there is not much now but I hope to expand it....so if you want pop by and join the insanaty......

wise panda says

do as much as you can.......and find out different type of bamboo to find out which ones are not so tasty.....mmmmmm bamboo *drool*


hey all my otaku buddies......how are things?......well I know it's been awhile but here's a reminder I'm still here lol.....still in school....right now I looking for a way to get to a anime con for this summer....(I need a ride >.>)will be graduating next month on the 11th......(from adult ED) but other than that nothing new

and then there was bamboo

hey otaku buddies.....well I have been busy lately with school but....I do have news....one I got my new laptop from school for school...well it changed at the last min...first it was a 4gb ram 250gb hard drive with 2 duo core...now it's3gb ram 250gb hard drive 2 duo core w/ built-in camera and mic.....sweet (bamboo sweet) 2....my grandma's car broke down bringing me to school last week.....so now a person in my class brings me....(the media lies about strangers lol) which is weird to me.....strangers being nice????....but I'm still look for a job so I can bring my self.....3 today I had a weird thought......I should get a motor scooter (this morning I was randomly hummming songs from FLCL......anyway that's all I have to report for now

Random words by me lol

The things you know is what you have done the things you don't you haven't done yet ~Panda Nabbie~