Twilight Solara (Info & (Bio)Small))

Name; Twilight Solara

Zanpakuto; Solstice(Will Have It's Own Bio)

World; Bleach

Skin; Light Skin

Height; 5"5

Age; Life/25 - Death/532 Born on A Lunar Eclipse, Died on a Solar Eclipse.

(Time of Day(; Night - Day))

Hair; Dark Blue - Brown

Eyes; White - Yellow

Born on a Lunar solstice and Died on a Solar solstice,(I think that means Eclipse at least) She always had a strong connection with the moon and sun and a habit of loving the way water felt and fire look, the cool feeling of the cold snow and the worm feeling of the hot sand, and the rare ability to see the supernatural.
When she was alive she had a Soul Reaper friend who was hiding in the real world cause she was wrongfully convicted of a crime she did not commit(For another time and person).
Twilight and this girl did all sorts of thing together and she protected her from most danger and harm but when twilight 25 she got really sick as the solar solstice approached, She told the girl that it would be great to be a soul reaper. At the height of the solstice twilight slipped away with a smile.
When this happened the Girl took it upon her self to guide Twilight to soul Society to a hidden location and to tell her the good and bad about the life she live and left behind there friendship and all dat good stuff, like how she wanted to be a soul reaper.
And Now 532 years from the day she died................