You know you're too obsessed with Twilight if...

1. Everything you talk about somehow relates back to Twilight.

2. You get invited to the cinema and try to convince your friends to see Twilight again.

3. You cried when Robert Pattinson cut his hair.

4. You try to convince everyone you know to read Twilight.

5. You dump your boyfriend because he doesn’t sparkle.

6. You’re attracted to someone just because they have the name ‘Edward’.

7. You want a 1953 Red Chevy, a silver S60R Volvo, a read BMW M3, a Volkswagen Rabbit, a yellow 911 Porsche or a black Mercedes S55 AMG.

8. You quote the book to someone in a conversation about something else.

9. Bella’s lullaby is in the top played songs on your iPod.

10. You bought the Edward action figure.

11. You cry every time Edward leaves, regardless of how many times you’ve read the book.

12. You name your child after someone in the Twilight saga.

13. You look at the Twilight books in the bookshop even though you already own all of them.

14. You see a stranger with a black book and feel the need to check to see if it’s Twilight.

15. You plan a holiday to Forks.

16. You have more than one copy of the books.

17. Thunderstorms make you think vampires are playing baseball.

18. You always have at least one of the books with you.

19. You put your cuddly lion with the toy lamb.

20. You make a countdown to the release of the movie on DVD.