Once upon a broken memory - A sailor Moon ficcy

Wow has it been a while since I've written one of these... Comments are appreciated! I hope ya like.

Part 1


That was the only sensation the young woman could feel throughout her entire body. That, and the small hint of despair that caused a single tear to escape her half-lidded eyes. It was not despair for herself though, no. She did not care that her entire body was bruised and broken, physical wounds would heal over time.

Her suffering was for the young woman who lay beside her, her body limp. She was not dead, that much was known to her. Her companion was simply asleep, the day’s events having drained all the energy from her body. When she awoke she might feel the slightest pain and exhaustion, but it was nothing that should bring worry.

Fighter cried because it had been her fault the young woman was unconscious. Her long, beautiful blonde hair was messed, dirt covered, her soft lips pulled down into a frown. Even in sleep she was worried.

“Odango...” the nickname came out as a chocked sound from Fighter’s cracked, dry lips. Her eyes once again began to water as she saw the wounds that had been inflicted on the other, her dress ripped and her body curled into a protective ball.

Even though the slightest movement sent a searing pain throughout her entire body, the dark haired female slowly and painfully reached out toward the blonde. She nearly pulled away in horror at the coldness of the girl’s skin as her fingers came in contact with her cheek. She didn’t move though, knowing that the other was simply drained of energy. It was nothing to worry about... At least, that was what she kept repeating to herself.

What would she do, if it turned out things were not as ok as they seemed? A lot could happen in a few hours and Fighter was sure she would shatter if something ever happened to her Odango... her Usagi...

Where were the others? Why had there been no one to help them? Everything was foggy, she couldn’t think straight, like there was something she was forgetting. What it was though, completely eluded her.

She shook her head. Whatever it was she had forgotten, it couldn’t be any more important than helping the blonde beside her.

Slowly sitting up, she gritted her teeth as a shooting, continuous pain shook her entire being. She would endure this though, she had to. “I’m sorry Odango,” her voice was barely over a whisper, that being all she could manage at that time.

Usagi’s eyes flittered open softly just as Fighter was wrapping her arms around her. She tried to speak, but she couldn’t find any energy. It was a wonder she was able to keep her eyes open at all.

“I hope... If ever we meet again...” Fighter spoke into her ear, confusing the blonde. What did she mean by that?

With every last fibre of strength she had, Usagi lifted her arm to try and show the other female that she was awake, but just before she could make contact with the other, her next words stopped her.

“...That you’ll be able to forgive me,” the words were softly spoken, and Usagi could feel the regret that seeped into them. That was not all though, she could feel something ominous in Fighter’s words, though she couldn’t figure out why.

She opened her mouth to once again try and speak. “Wha-” She wasn’t able to finish her question as her eyelids suddenly became heavy once again, her body no longer under her control. She could feel the blackness trying to drag her back into a slumber, but no matter how hard she tried to fight against it, it had begun to swallow her whole.

SEIYA!" the heartbroken scream rang through nowhere but her own mind. Even if she had no idea why her heart felt so betrayed as she once again slipped into an unconscious state...


“Urgh, five more minutes...” Usagi mumbled as she pulled her bunny patterned covers over her head as she tried to block out the sun’s rays that seeped through her bedroom window.

She stayed like that for a few seconds before shooting straight up, glancing at her alarm clock and letting out a shriek when she got sight of the time. “I’m late!” she cried as she jumped from the bed, quickly slipping out of her nightgown and into her high school uniform. “Why did no one wake me?!”

The cat lying at the foot of her bed yawned, opening one eye to watch the frantic blonde. “Usagi, you do realise...”

“Sorry Luna, we’ll talk later!” she cut off her feline companion before she could give her the warning she had wanted.

Luna quickly jumped down from the bed, following Usagi as she ran from the room. “But Usagi!” her call rang out on deaf ears though as the blonde had already run down the stairs and into the kitchen.

She frantically looked around for her lunch, but was horrified to find nothing. “How am I supposed to survive without food?!” she sulked, still panicked. Glancing at the clock above the kitchen table though, she forgot about food momentarily and just ran toward the door. “I can always steal something off Mako-chan!” she nodded triumphantly.

“Quiet down Baka,” a male voice stopped her in her tracks as she turned to see her younger brother Shingo begin laughing.

Usagi just glared at him, at first wondering what the heck was so funny, then wondering why he wasn’t at school yet. “What’re you laughing at?” she huffed, getting impatient. She really had to get going...

“Oh nothing, you just must really love school,” he chuckled, only to get a blank, confused stare from his older sister. “Seeing as how it’s Saturday and all.”

Usagi felt something drop then, and she mentally slapped herself. Of course it was Saturday... “I knew that!” she stuck her tongue out at him, pushing past him back to the stairs. “I was just practicing,” she blew a raspberry at him before running back up to her room.

“I tried to warn you,” Luna told her, stretching out her body.

The blonde just rolled her eyes. “Yeah well, at least now I can go back to sleep,” she flopped back on to her bed, hugging her pillow as she closed her eyes.

“But I thought you were going to meet the others today?” Luna told her, pawing at one of the blonde’s Odango shaped buns.

She shot up once again, startling the cat. “I’m late!” she cried out for a second time that morning.


“Where is she?” a raven haired young woman tapped her foot impatiently as her eyes scanned the crowds, looking for a familiar blonde.

A blunette looked up from the book she had been reading, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m sure she isn’t far,” she tried, knowing that the usual amount of time had passed that they would spend waiting for their friend.

“Ami’s right,” a taller girl shrugged, leaning against one of the poles on the street, her brown hair tied back in a ponytail. “She’s always late, you should be used to waiting for her by now.”

Rei just groaned. “It doesn’t matter if she’s always late, I’m still going to be mad when she doesn’t show up on time!”

The other blonde of the group just laughed at this. “You need to learn to relax a little,” Minako just grinned.

“I’m plenty relaxed!” Rei argued, ready to start an argument.

Makoto cut her off though, spotting the person who had almost started the argument without even being there. “Found her!” the brunette told the others and they all stopped to watch Usagi come running towards them, obviously out of breath.

“Gomen!” she called out as she drew closer, taking a deep breath when she finally stopped in front of the other girls. “I thought it was Friday and ended up getting dressed in my school uniform,” she scratched her head nervously, giving them an apologetic smile.

Minako just hugged their already forgiven friend as Rei just sighed. She was never able to stay mad at Usagi for too long. “It’s fine! You still made it and- Yaten! Taiki!” the other blonde had begun, only to spot two familiar figures.

“Did you come to join us today?” Ami blinked, mostly speaking to Taiki. She hoped they would be, as did the other girls by their obvious interest at the new arrival’s answer to the question.

Taiki shook her head. “Unfortunately not. We only came to ask a question,” she answered, getting disappointed looks from all five girls.

“Have you seen Seiya?” Yaten spoke up, getting straight to what she wanted to know.

Before any of the others could speak, Usagi answered, a confused look on her face.