A world where I post my stories. I'm not that good, but I hope you'll like them! ^^ Please leave a comment on how you think I can improve, or if you like it.

Ah, I had nowehere else to put this (since I still don't get how to put two different pictures into an intro) So here is my Akatsuki membership card (would it be called that?)

Once upon a broken memory - A sailor Moon ficcy

Wow has it been a while since I've written one of these... Comments are appreciated! I hope ya like. Part 1 Pain... That was the only sensation the young woman could feel throughout her entire body....

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Already Gone.

X3 So my homework for the holdidays was to write a tragedy following the Romeo and Juliet five act structure. I go back to school tomorrow, but I only wrote it today -_-;; PROCRASTINATION FTW!!! Please tell me what you think~ Milda was a sm...

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Her past

My character in sumirechan's world The Feudal Era's past. Karin’s story “Papa!” the little Hanyo cried out happily, running down the hill. Just as she was reaching the bottom where her father stood, she tripped, her...

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Kiss the girl

And here's the happier story I promised XD. Writers block still sucks though. Song: Kiss the girl Artist: Ashley Tisdale Characters: Jasmine and Darius ((newest OCs)) There you see her Sitting there a...

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What have you done?

Depressing, I know. Writers block sucks. I'm planning to enter a happier story. Let's see if I get it done in time... << >> Song: What have you done Artist: Within Temptation featuring Keith Caputo Characters: Jasmin...

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