Hey there.
Lelouch here. You might know me as Lelouch vi Britannia or Zero or maybe you know me as a student from Ashford. However you know me doesn't matter. All that matters is that you're here.
Please respect me and the other guest. I will not tolerate any rude behavior towards myself or my guests.
PM me and I'll get back to you soon, unless I'm off with the Black Knights or at school.
Have Fun.

Cat Trouble

Arthur ran off again today. Suzaku made me help him chase him down. For some reason Suzaku decided that Arthur needed to visit the vet and as soon as he said that Arthur ran off.
We chased that darn cat for an hour. When we finally caught him, he bit Suzaku!
I tried not to laugh.

Thank Goodness for the Weekend

Hey everyone.
The meeting with the Black Knights went great. We're planning an attack for tomorrow. C.C. is worried about it, but I'm not.
Milly almost caught me the other day. I was coming in late from my meeting and she saw me. She was about to look in my back when Nunnally came out. Sayoko had brought her out when she saw me approching.
Lucky for me Milly dropped the whole thing.
I hope the attack goes as planned.
I hope that white knightmare does not show up again. I'm tried of it ruining my plans.
Wish Me Luck,
Tell me about yourself. I'd like to get to know you.

I made a blog

I can't believe I made a blog. It's kind of weird writing things down knowing that random people will be reading this.
School was a bore today. I skipped a few classes to go and place chess. I won of course. If Nunnally knew she would be disappointed in me.
Tonight I'm meeting with the Black Knights. C.C. doesn't want me to go. Lately she's been worrying about me. I wonder why?
Anyways... How are all of you today?
Can you tell me why you're on here reading my blog? I would like to know.
That's all for now,