Hey there.
Lelouch here. You might know me as Lelouch vi Britannia or Zero or maybe you know me as a student from Ashford. However you know me doesn't matter. All that matters is that you're here.
Please respect me and the other guest. I will not tolerate any rude behavior towards myself or my guests.
PM me and I'll get back to you soon, unless I'm off with the Black Knights or at school.
Have Fun.

Busy, busy....

You know...Sometimes I'm jealous of you Americans and you "Thanksgiving".....I don't get those days off from school. BUT I do get other holidays that you don't get.
So, anyways. I've been busy lately. I had a really close call with Suzaku the other day. Arthur stole my mask again!
Darn cat.
So, anyways I had to chase after him and you know how out of shape I am....Suzaku was looking for Arthur, so I had to beat him to the cat.
Lucky for me C.C. got the mask. Phew.....That was close.
I hope no one finds out my secret. It would be troublesome.
So, anyways I think I'll hold a small contest for my small group of fans. (which both of you are close to a promotion and winning this contest would be most helpful)
This will be a writing/art contest. You can do either entry. The entry just has to be relating to myself somehow. You can be in the story or picture or you can put your favorite OC in it. I don't care. Just work hard and make something good.
It can be whatever you want. Be creative.
Any questions, just ask.
2nd Place: 30 points
1st Place: 45 points
(If I get more than two entries I'll make a third place too.)
All fanwords should have the link PMed to me, so I can access it easily and know that it is done. Please inform me if you want to join.
So, what do you think? Will you join? I can revise it if art and writing are poor choices.
Have a good day!
What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Do you have a favorite dish?

Why must there be a title?

Hello....Lelouch here again.
I'm happy that I actually have a couple fangirls now. (Itachi and Sasuke like to hog them)
I've been playing a lot of chess lately. I know some people find it boring, but I find it calming.
I suppose I should explain some things. The best way to get points from me is to comment on here often and to PM me. I do love to hear from people. I don't really get to talk to people who know my situation that often. If I'm talking to the Black Knights I have to pretend to not be a student and a Prince. When I'm with my friends I have to pretend no to be Zero and a Prince. When I'm with my sister and Suzaku I have to pretend not to be Zero.
The only person I can talk freely to is C.C. and now you all.
Sooo....I would love to hear from you. Ask me questions, any questions.


Life is boring right now.
I told the Black Knights to stay low for a while. They have been stirring things up a little too much.
I did make two cards:
Soooo....any questions for me? I'll try to answer them as best as I can.

It's been a while.

Sorry everyone. I've been really busy, with school, and the Black Knights.
I've been thinking....Maybe I should hold a contest or something.
What do you think?
Well I gotta go for now.
I'll write a longer post next time.

I hate school

Ugh....Lelouch here....Barely....
I have to write a paper on the royal family.
Which will be super easy, but annoying since it has to be five pages.
I also can't be bitter about the royal family or it might blow my cover. So, I've been worikng for three hours straight and only have two and a half pages done.
It probably does not help that the Black Knights keep calling me. I should quit procrastinating and get to work. I have to get ot done today because tomorrow I have a mission with the Black Knights, which is why they keep calling me.
Any of you have a huge project due? tell me about yourselves.
Ah! That's C.C. with some Pizza Hut. I better go get some before she eats all of it.