Hey there.
Lelouch here. You might know me as Lelouch vi Britannia or Zero or maybe you know me as a student from Ashford. However you know me doesn't matter. All that matters is that you're here.
Please respect me and the other guest. I will not tolerate any rude behavior towards myself or my guests.
PM me and I'll get back to you soon, unless I'm off with the Black Knights or at school.
Have Fun.

I'm sorry

I apologize for my absence.
I've been busy...Let me say a few things first and then I shall tell you why I have not been on for a while.
First of all thank you for sticking with me. I'm afraid that I have not been the best host so I thank you for sticking with me.
Second of all, if you have not made you name card thing for being a fan yet and you truely are my fan I suggest you do so. Please.
Third of all if you haven't joined Miss Luna's message board I suggest you do. Thos who RolePlay with me will more likely get a promotion.
Click here
It's lots of fun and I would enjoy having you there.

Well that's that.
Alright. So the reason I have not been on is because we had a huge attack on Britannia and I had to hid out in China for a while, since our attack was only a semi sucess....So I could not contact you all.
I apologize once again
I hope you're safe. Being my fan can be dangerous....There are Britannian spies everywhere.


Lelouch here,
Everyone of my fangirls....You've been demoted down one. Just kidding.
Well let's see....
Sachii....I guess I shall promote you...
SachiroUchiha: #1 fangirl
My other fangirls do not fret. Most of you are also very close to a promotion. Just keep talking to me and a promotion wont be far.
How's school going??

A quick post

Hey everyone. How are things going? I have a few promotions coming up. So keep on doing what you are doing.
This is a short post because I promised to post more often and I intend to do that no matter how short the post may be.
Word of the day: Lelouch-ness
Made up by Sachii.
Use it wisely.


Dear Everyone who cares enough to read this,
I'm sorry that I have been gone. I've been busy with Britannia. I beat them in a battle resently!
But anyways.....
My computer also obtained a virus. So I couldn't get on even if I had time. So, I apologize for my disappearance.

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